Racist Calls Sheriff Clarke An Uncle Tom, BAD MOVE!

Sheriff Clarke

David Clarke, the black sheriff of Milwaukee County, took some heat from a columnist and Black Lives Matter instigator at the Daily News for saying that “there is no police brutality in America.”

Sheriff Clarke would also add that the Black Lives Matter group consists of “sub-human creeps” and “garbage.”

Speaking of garbage … That didn’t sit too well with Shaun King, a racist who consistently provides false information on police shootings to try and incite riots…  and somehow managed to get a gig at the Daily News.

King predictably referred to Clarke as an “Uncle Tom” and “sellout.”

Sheriff Clarke wasn’t about to take it lying down, however.  He blasted King by first saying “consider the source,” later explaining “that crap doesn’t bother me.”

Then he really laid into King for not knowing the definition of the word “brutality.”

Via the Daily Caller:

“Do you know what the definition of ‘brutality’ is?” Clarke asked, answering his own question. “Savage, physical violence.”

“That definition might apply to ISIS, but it does not apply to the institution of American policing. I find that to be insulting,” he said.

Clarke acknowledged that there are some incidents of police excessive use of force, but “they’re anomalies.”

…  Clarke’s focus now is on defending the integrity of cops, which he says is under assault by “cop-hating anarchists.”

“They redefine words. They’ve taken ‘police brutality’ as a substitute for the police use of force,” he said, adding that “I’ve had it with this continuous drum-beat by these cop-hating anarchists and their use of inflammatory rhetoric and hyperbole about the character and integrity of the American police officer.”

King typically makes up stories of “brutality” in his head.  A story he told about racist white classmates in high school beating him up was proven false after a police report and witness statements were revealed.  King was also a principal conveyor of the “Hands up, don’t shoot” narrative that came from the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, a narrative that was proven false by multiple agencies.

How big of a liar is Shaun King exactly? He’s not even black!

Via Breitbart:

A “white” man named Shaun King will soon be writing for the New York Daily News, presumably to share a black man’s perspective on current affairs. King, who insists he is a black man even though his birth certificate, a police report, and his own relatives said he is actually white, is considered to be a leading figure in the anti-law enforcement Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

As Sheriff Clarke said, consider the source.  The Daily News doesn’t seem concerned that a white guy pretending to be a black guy is calling a black sheriff an Uncle Tom.

It makes your head spin, doesn’t it?

Comment:  Do you agree or disagree with Sheriff Clarke’s assessment that in general, police brutality is a thing of the past in America?  Tell us why you agree or disagree.

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