Shaun King Demands Name Of Officer Who Shot Jacob Blake

Shaun King Jacob Blake

Shaun King, the leftist activist who claims to be black, is demanding the name of the police officer who shot Jacob Blake on Sunday afternoon.

King: “We Will Simply Begin Naming Officers From Your Department”

Blake was shot in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Sunday by officers after refusing to listen to police orders and reaching into his SUV. He is currently in hospital and his family say he is now paralysed. The shooting sparked off violent riots in Kenosha, where looters and antifa members not only attacked local businesses, but also set occupied apartment buildings alight.

Shaun King, who many refer to as “Talculm X” due to his spurious claim to his black heritage, is majorly involved in the Black Lives Matter movement, and has supported the riots. “Mayhem is the consequence” of a “broken” policing system, King claimed.

King is now trying to find the name of the officer who shot Blake, threatening the Kenosha PD. “If you do not name the officer who brutally shot Jacob Blake on Sunday, we will simply begin naming officers from your department who may or may not be him,” King tweeted. “Your protection of his identity is unethical. What’s his name?”

Will He Be Punished For Violating Twitter Rules?

In a later tweet, King noted that one officer who has been accused of shooting Blake has had to go into protective custody. King blamed the Kenosha PD for this, saying that they are “deliberately protecting the man who shot Jacob,” and could “end this right now.”

King, of course, fails to mention that anyone he potentially names will surely be subject to similar treatment.

The Political Insider’s own Rusty Weiss pointed out on Twitter that what King is doing clearly violates Twitter rules on doxing and promotion of violence.

“He’s gotten people killed before,” Weiss added. “When do you plan on suspending him?”

It is unlikely that any action will be taken by Twitter against Shaun King for his comments on Jacob Blake’s shooting, as Big Tech loves to crack down and target conservatives for doing nothing wrong, but leftists like King are always allowed to remain on their platforms despite clear rule-breaking like this.

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