‘Seriously Stupid’: Joe Scarborough Claims Not Wanting To Give Ukraine Another $60 Billion Means We’ve ‘Surrendered To The Communists’

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It seems like only yesterday we were making fun of House Intelligence Committee chairman Mike Turner (R-OH) for suggesting that only giving Ukraine $110 billion as opposed to $170 billion was “abandoning” them. Enter MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, who decided those comments weren’t absurd enough.

Scarborough argues that anybody opposing billions more in taxpayer funds to the war effort against Russia – with no measure or means to audit the flow of money – has “surrendered to the Communists.”

The crux of his argument is that Chinese President Xi Jinping is viewing a very few GOP lawmakers desiring to secure our own border first and stop an endless flow of money to Ukraine as a sign of weakness.

“The message that Xi is getting right now from little Mike Johnson and Donald Trump is just devastating,” he said with false bravado.

“The message is this, Republicans, who for the past 50 years have been the main force to push back hard on communism, have surrendered to the communists,” Scarborugh insisted. “They’ve surrendered.”

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Scarborough – Send $60 Billion To Ukraine Or You’re A Communist

Apparently, there is an audience out there for this kind of inane commentary, albeit a small one. Imagine thinking, having already sent upward of $110 billion to a foreign country and being their largest single donor, that not wanting to send more equates to “surrendering to the Communists.”

“Mike Johnson surrendered to the communists, to the ex-communists, the wanna-be communists. Mike Johnson surrendered,” the MSNBC host continued. “Donald Trump surrendered a long time ago to Vladimir Putin. Surrendered to Xi a long time ago. He has nothing but praise for Xi, for Kim Jong-un, these communist leaders, Mika. That is a message that Xi is receiving loud and clear.”

“It’s not just Donald Trump now. It is the Republican Party,” Scarborough added. “The bulwark against communist aggression, it is Ronald Reagan’s old party, which has now collapsed.”

Social media users pushed back ever so gently against Scarborough’s comments.

“Joe Scarborough is seriously stupid,” wrote right-wing political commentator Paul Szypula.

That’s what we in the business call an “understatement.”

“Unbelievable the way he frames not sending unlimited money to another forever war for the taxpayers of America is surrendering to communism,” another wrote. “It’s so over the top it’s just silly.”

Not only is it silly on its face, but it’s hard not to argue that the Biden administration behind the scenes is being run by actual Communists.

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Throwing Money Away

The Russian invasion of Ukraine took place almost exactly two years ago today. Since then, the United States has “surrendered to the Communists” by sending them over $110 billion in aid and munitions to defend against Putin’s attack.

For the majority of those two years, the American media has insisted that Ukraine is on the cusp of securing a great victory. Reality says otherwise.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald argues that sending another $60 billion to Ukraine will do little to help.

“There is no way Ukraine can win this war, no matter how much the United States spends to fuel the war,” he said. “It is just impossible, and it is increasingly obvious and visible that Russia has been able to produce far more military equipment and artillery shells than all of NATO combined, leaving Ukraine at a huge artillery disadvantage.”

“Even if we do spend the $60 billion,” Greenwald continued. “What is the $60 billion really for when everyone acknowledges the chances the Ukrainians are going to expel Russia out of all of the provinces of Eastern Ukraine that they are completely dug into… let alone Crimea… is basically zero. Where is this money going? What is its real purpose?”

Nobody knows, and that’s a significant portion of the problem. While the White House has hired tens of thousands of IRS agents to track down what you’re doing with your hard-earned money, nobody is bothering to audit what Ukraine is doing with your hard-earned money.

As reported by The Political Insider in January, corrupt officials in Ukraine have been caught taking part in the theft of a staggering $40 million earmarked for the war effort against Russia.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), often a singular voice fighting for the American people in Congress, wanted the taxpayer money being sent to Ukraine to be accounted for. For doing so, he was branded a Kremlin apologist.

Now, not wanting to send an additional $60 billion to a country that has seen corrupt officials steal what was meant for the war effort means you’ve surrendered to Russia.

Scarborough and the rest of his media colleagues simply hate when America gets put first. They’re the ones actually surrendering to Communists.

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