Senator Fires Up Conservative Base, EXPOSES What Obama’s Doing to Congress

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Senator David Perdue rocked the Americans for Prosperity microphone at the Defending the Dream Conference in Ohio over the weekend, giving a dynamic speech that left many wondering why he isn’t running for president.

“This president has figured out how to run the country … without Congress,” Perdue said. “That’s not what the Founders had in mind.”

Speaking to about 3,000 conservatives at a summit in Columbus, Perdue charged Barack Obama with bypassing Republican majorities on Capitol Hill with a series of executive orders and agency regulations that overstep his constitutional authority.

Perdue, a relatively unknown Senator from Georgia, got a warmer reception from the thousands of assembled conservative grassroots activists than Jeb Bush did.

When you deliver meat to a motivated crowd like this as Perdue did by saying, “six years of Democratic control of the White House have saddled America with constitutional, global security and economic crises,” you are bound to win over hearts and minds.

Perdue drew huge applause from the crowd when he quoted scripture about staying on course and giving thanks; the audience also cheered when he talked about his support of the Fair Tax and abolishing the IRS.

No change or reform of any great measure is truly possible when the same people keep getting elected and insulate themselves to the point of being able to hold office for life. To that end Perdue talked about his support of and the need for congressional term limits that would force career politicians out of office.

Here are a few more attendees who tweeted their approval of Perdue’s great speech:

Check out Perdue’s FULL SPEECH here:

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