Just before Senate Republicans took up a crucial vote on a bill (or set of bills) to repeal and replace Obamacare, Cryin’ Chuck Schumer took to the Senate floor to do what he does best: whine, and moan, and cry about how mean Republicans are for trashing the disaster of a law known as Obamacare.

Schumer spends three minutes rambling and gesticulating about the impending doom an Obamacare repeal would bring. The Senate is a place designed for finely-worded debate, but Schumer’s delivery is more grating than listening to Gilbert Gottfried sing the National Anthem.

Schumer starts off by saying that voting for a “motion to proceed,” that is a motion to begin debate on a potential Obamacare repeal bill, will mean deep cuts to Medicaid.

On its face, that’s a lie. A motion to proceed vote doesn’t enact legislation. It merely clears the path for senators to actually debate pending legislation. This is classic Democrat scaremongering.

Schumer then demands that Obamacare repeal go back to the House before coming to the Senate again. Now, either Schumer has a damaged short-term memory, or he failed Civics 101. The House already passed an Obamacare repeal package. We already know what’s in the bill. The Senate had the choice to take up the House bill in whole, craft something entirely new, or add amendments to the House Bill. The latter option was chosen.

The House isn’t sending up another bill. Schumer insists there are no Democrat votes in the House because the Freedom Caucus – a collection of super conservative lawmakers who typically vote in a bloc – “calls the shots.”

That’s another lie. The House Freedom Caucus is not in charge. And Democrats would never vote for anything that actually lessens the government’s control of health care. Republicans are on their own.

At one point, Schumer accuses Republicans of trying to “slash Medicaid, hurt millions, and raise taxes on the wealthy.” These three assertions are all bonkers. Take taxes – Schumer clearly meant to say “lower” taxes on the wealthy. But in the context of Obamacare, slashing taxes is necessary. The high taxes Democrats imposed on various medical services actually made health care more expensive.

As for Medicaid, that remains to be seen. We don’t know what will emerge from the Senate yet. One thing’s for sure, as a country we should strive to keep more Americans off welfare, empowering them to provide for themselves. Democrats only want to keep people dependent on welfare like Medicaid.

And for “hurt millions,” Schumer clearly learned nothing from the psychotic Bernie Sanders supporter that shot up a Republican baseball practice, almost fatally injuring Rep. Steve Scalise. That man, James Hodgkinson, has his mind poisoned by the nasty rhetoric of liberals like Schumer. He was convinced Republicans, including President Trump, really wanted to inflict harm on millions.

Sen. Schumer ends by calling the entire vote to repeal Obamacare a “ruse.”

Well, no, Chuckie, it’s not a ruse. What’s a ruse is the situation we’re now facing thanks to Democrats like you.

Here’s the reality of the situation: Democrats passed a health care bill that did nothing to lower premiums. The record number of insured Americans they constantly cite is erroneous. Of course, the number of those with health insurance went up after Obamacare’s passage. Americans were forced to buy the damn thing.

But what isn’t acknowledged is that private insurance companies are leaving the Obamacare exchanges by the boatload. If Democrats had their way, we would either keep the failing status quo, or would move forward to single-payer health care.

Well, too bad for Schumer, the Republicans mustered the 50 votes needed to move forward with debate. His last call to arms was a complete failure. And thank goodness too, because it’s high time to repeal and replace Obamacare for good.

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