Senate Unanimously Passes Formal Dress Code and John Fetterman Responds in the Only Way He Can – A Meme

Democrat John Fetterman responded to news that the Senate had passed a formal dress code by dropping an image meme of comedian Kevin James.
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Democrat John Fetterman responded to news that the Senate had passed a formal dress code by dropping a viral image of the King of Queens actor Kevin James.

The bipartisan dress code bill passed unanimously on Wednesday. It requires men to wear a coat, tie, and slacks.

It does not address a code of attire for women, leaving Susan Collins’ threat of wearing a bikini intact.

The resolution was brought forth by Senators Mitt Romney (R-UT) and Joe Manchin (D-WV).

“As senators, we should demonstrate a high level of reverence for the institution in which we serve—and our attire is one of the most basic expressions of that respect,” Romney said on the floor prior to the vote.

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Senate Adopts Dress Code In A Mortal Blow To Fetterman’s Closet

The fact that the Senate had to adopt a formal dress code is further evidence that this country can no longer simply operate under common sense rules and decorum.

The bipartisan resolution arose in response to Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) quietly relaxing the dress code for members, a move designed solely to allow Fetterman (D-PA) to continue wearing gym shorts and hoodies in the chamber.

Fetterman, who returned to the Senate in April after a six-week stay in the hospital, where he was treated for clinical depression, enjoyed wearing baggy shorts and oversized Carhartt hoodie sweatshirts while serving the people of the Keystone State.

Schumer, who had ditched the dress code, laughably took credit for working with Fetterman on getting the new bill passed.

“Though we’ve never had an official dress code, the events over the past week have made us all feel as though formalizing one is the right path forward,” he said.

Schumer thanked Fetterman for “working with me to come to an agreement that we all find acceptable.”

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Fetterman Responds

Fetterman, or the toddlers pretending to be him on social media, responded to news of the new Senate dress code as only he/they could – in meme form.

The Senator’s X account posted an image of comedian Kevin James with his shoulders shrugged, hands in his pockets.

Time Magazine earlier this week reported that the James image had become a viral meme with social media users posting hilarious captions to match the look on James’ face.

Some notes:

  • Of course the guy who dresses like he spends all day in his mother’s basement making memes responded with a meme.
  • James, who plays a delivery driver in the sitcom in question, is standing in his kitchen for the photo and still looks better dressed than Fetterman when he arrives at the Senate.
  • At least this response is better than Fetterman’s initial effort, which compared dressing like a slovenly hunchback to “ding-a-ling pics.”

We know he’s just masking the pain of the new dress code with humor, however.

Earlier this week Fetterman delivered a teary-eyed performance while discussing being bullied during a committee hearing.

Dry up those tears, big fella. They’re not going to want to see you like that when you’re shopping for a new suit at DXL.

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