Sen. Johnson Wants To Save Social Security And Medicare

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By Jim Martin for RealClearPolitics

Americans are concerned about the future of our nation’s economy, and they have every reason to be.

Record inflation, rising prices at the pump, increased grocery costs, and supply chain shortages have been crippling families and small businesses around the country and there seems to be no end in sight.

While families, especially those on fixed incomes, are struggling to make ends meet, Washington politicians are continuing down a path of reckless spending and higher taxes that put the viability of some of our country’s core promises to seniors – Social Security and Medicare – on the line. Our national debt is severely increasing into an unimaginable number, and the Democrats continue to cash checks on the taxpayers’ dime without any regard for our future economic stability.

It is politically expedient to turn a blind eye to these looming problems. But while other politicians tell voters what they want to hear, Ron Johnson tells voters what they need to hear.

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I have been advocating for common-sense policy on Medicare and Social Security for over 30 years at the 60 Plus Association, so I was heartened to see Ron Johnson bring the dual Medicare and Social Security crises to attention recently. Unsurprisingly, he has been unfairly treated by the Democrats and their media allies who are falsely claiming that he wants to put Medicare and Social Security on the chopping block. Like me and other advocates, Senator Johnson wants to save these programs by pursuing much-needed reforms to save these programs.

The current economic conditions underscore the urgency of the situation. Democrats can spin it any way they want, but our nation is in an economic recession. Nearly two-thirds of households are living paycheck to paycheck. Average personal savings continue to decline. Consumer confidence in the housing market dropped to its lowest level since 2011. Americans are hurting.

These economic indicators are visible because they are affecting everyday Americans in a very tangible way. Price increases and declining savings hurt every American. However, just over the horizon are problems with Medicare and Social Security.

Reports have varied based on economic conditions, but many studies have shown that Medicare funds will be exhausted in 2028. The trust fund reserves for Social Security will be unable to pay full benefits starting in 2034. These are the realities of the status quo.

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Since taking office, Mr. Johnson has been a champion to rein in runaway government spending that threatens programs like Social Security and Medicare. He understands that these programs need to be protected and that it is up to our current leaders to ensure long-term viability for generations of Americans.

The truth is, advocates like Mr. Johnson realize that many seniors rely on Medicare and Social Security. It’s a promise that’s been made to millions of retirees, but we can’t pretend that they will exist in perpetuity without reform. Serious structural issues exist and need to be addressed. We appreciate Sen. Johnson for bringing this topic to the national conversation, and we will work with him to guarantee that those who have already paid into the program are guaranteed the benefits.

Like everyone else, seniors deserve to live through their retirement with economic security and safety. The Democrats’ tax-and-spend agenda is hurting seniors, and inflation is a massive tax on those on a fixed income, like many retirees. Further, their policies to defund the police and end cash bail threaten the communities which seniors have always relied on to feel safe. The failed policies of the Democrats have put our seniors at risk, and we need change now.

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