Seinfeld Star Explains Exactly Why Fans Are Disgusted With the NFL

We’ve been given the patriotic reasons for opposing some NFL players constant disrespect for the national anthem. And we’ve been given the business explanation as to why it’s a bad look.

John O’Hurley, an actor best known for his role as Elaine Benes’ eccentric boss J. Peterman on the NBC sitcom “Seinfeld,” provides a peek into why football fans themselves are so turned off by the protests.

And it is quite simple …


O’Hurley was asked about Vice President Mike Pence engaging in a protest of his own, leaving a game between the Indianapolis Colts and the San Francisco 49ers after watching the players disrespect the anthem yet again.

The Seinfeld star gave a thumbs up, then fleshed out why the NFL protests are a problem.

“I go to a football game as I go to a movie or anything else for escapism, not to hear somebody’s political views,” he explained. “Or not to be exposed to somebody’s political views.”

O’Hurley then used an analogy of going to a restaurant and being told political opinions by the waitstaff.

“I’m coming out of a restaurant,” he said. “If somebody announced the specials with their political views tonight, I’d have the same reason to be angry, wouldn’t I?”

Bam … Nailed it!

The actor expressed a very similar point of view in late September, when he tweeted the following:


O’Hurley added more recently that the flag and the national anthem should be the two things that actually “unite our capacity to disagree.”


O’Hurley played another eccentric character aside from J. Peterman recently, in which his role was that of an “overzealous American capitalist” inspired by President Donald Trump in the film “Swing Away.”

He supports Trump’s effort to limit government control and the fact that there’s a businessman in White House.

“God bless [Trump] for what his challenges are and the resistance that is up against him right now,” he said. “I believe in him, I believe in what he’s doing and I wish him the best.”

As for Pence walking out of this weekend’s football game, O’Hurley said simply, “Bravo.”

Do you support Mike Pence walking out after players were kneeling during the national anthem? Tell us below!

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