Secret Private Party Held at White House — One Guest Can’t Keep Quiet About It

prince obama

Here’s more evidence of the classless jerks who occupy the White House right now…

Obama Press Secretary Josh Earnest refuses to give information on an extravagant party held at the White House over the weekend featuring “Prince” and attended by people like race-hustler Al Sharpton.

Earnest said it was a “private party,” and he would not be giving details about it. CNN’s Jim Acosta pressed him on whether the Obamas were paying for it, and Earnest said, “Yes.” But when asked whether the guests were served by White House Staff or Catering Staff, Earnest could not say, but repeated that the Obamas were paying for it.

Well we do know one poverty pimp who couldn’t keep his mouth closed. Loose lips sink ships and the WH private session probably mirrored the sinking Titantic when this classless so-called leader tweeted this out


Just a message to the the WH, with the all of my respsect, America is paying for having backward thinkers like the Obamas in the White House. They talk about how they care about the average person, and divide Americans by race, gender, income, etc., yet live like they are entitled to anything and everything they want.

Watch the dismissive interview clip here:


I think the the cat’s out of the bag and the jig is up. The WH has to realize Sharpton can’t keep his mouth closed on any subject. Agree with this story? Share it on twitter and facebook and add your comments below.

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