Seattle Law Enforcement Committee Lies About ICE Harassing Transit Riders – Brags About It

ICE continues their battle for the truth in sanctuary cities.

By Steve Pomper | February 8, 2020

The King County Office of Law Enforcement Oversight (OLEO) has produced a flyer it is disseminating in and near county public transit facilities warning riders about law enforcement officers conducting their missions. The agency says it is distributing the flyers on mass transit in response to a public “fear of ICE and deportation issues.” In reality, King County is apparently falsely inflaming fear of law enforcement generally and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in particular.

KTTH 770 talk show host Jason Rantz, a frequent guest on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight, recently exposed this deliberate government agency deception. One inescapable glitch with this flyer is ICE doesn’t have as part of its mission boarding mass transit to round up illegal aliens. According to Rantz, in his piece, “King County brags about helping criminal illegal immigrants,” he says OLEO is “using a whopper of a lie about [ICE] to do it [make people fear ICE].”

OLEO leveraged Rosa Parks’ birthday to introduce the flyer. Oh, how badly the left wants things to be as bad as they were during Jim Crow. So badly, they pretend things are as bad today and lie to their constituents to keep them in perpetual fear. And that’s even easier to do with immigrants (legal and illegal) who are light on the majority lingo.

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The leaflet informs transit riders about the various law enforcement officers they might interact with on transit vehicles and what each type of officer is authorized to do. The problem: “OLEO and their partners are pushing an outright lie” when informing patrons ICE may target them for arrest and deportation after they board a coach or train car (on a side note, sometimes it sucks when you choose to violate a nation’s sovereign borders).

Regardless, any American law enforcement officer needs reasonable suspicion, probable cause, or a warrant to initiate police actions against anyone. King County wants people to believe ICE are storm troopers demanding people produce their “papers.”

That’s right. OLEO seems to be recklessly informing the public that ICE boards mass transit vehicles specifically to look for illegal immigrants. But ICE doesn’t do this. OLEO would know that if they’d taken the time to verify the policy by, oh… I don’t know… asking ICE.

During an interview with Tanya Roman, an ICE spokesperson, she told Rantz the agency never contacted ICE before creating and distributing the pamphlet. She said the agency only learned about the fake facts flyer (my words) when media began contacting ICE about the policy.

The Director of the Washington Immigrant Society Network, Monserrat Padilla, offered this saccharine bromide, “King County is stronger and healthier when we all work and commute safely side-by-side with our neighbors.” Their “wokeness” is breathtaking, right?

But you’ll notice that the “all” apparently doesn’t include an important federal agency, ICE, which exists, in large part, to keep Americans and legal immigrants safe from illegal alien criminals. However, it seems “all” does apply to criminal illegal aliens.

To reiterate the point, Roman told Rantz, “U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) does not board public transit in order to check the immigration status of patrons on board.” She said that to say otherwise is “irresponsible.”

Proponents of (illegal) immigrant rights say the fear has “led some people to avoid taking the bus or light rail.” Padilla said this can be “incredibly damaging—particularly in low-income immigrant communities.” [emphasis mine]

Two points: First, these ICE rumors about boarding transit, which have been debunked, are still being pushed by OLEO. And two, Padilla mentioned the situation affecting “immigrant communities.” Who is he talking about? ICE has no interest in immigrants; ICE is concerned with illegal immigrants—criminals most of all. Legal immigrants have no reason to fear ICE, unless someone falsely promotes the fallacy that they should.

It’s bad enough that ICE and CBP officials have to deal with non-cooperation from so-called sanctuary jurisdictions that choose to protect violent illegal alien criminals. But now they have to deal with sanctuary jurisdiction government agencies proactively thwarting ICE’s congressionally authorized mission. And, worse, they are willing not only to lie as a part of the strategy but also to put those lies down in words in a flyer and proudly hand them to the public.

In fact, according to Rantz, field office director for ICE ERO-Seattle Nathalie Asher said, “Local officials know we aren’t out there doing indiscriminate sweeps, but because of political motives, do nothing to set the record straight or provide the public with accurate information.” Hear that? These are public officials people should be able to trust who are intentionally misleading the public.

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Asher added, “ICE does not conduct patrols, raids, or sweeps looking for illegal aliens.” She said those who assert this are “fearmongering,” which puts “the public and officers at great risk.” She said ICE focuses its limited resources on targeted actions aimed at “those who pose the greatest threat to public safety.”

Rantz also notes there are federal uniformed officers who board transit, but they’re from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) (Yes, those folks who like to get intimate with you before you fly to Maui). This unit is the Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response team (VIPR).

Roman told Rantz these officers have been mistaken for ICE in the past. However, no matter how much someone believes they are immigration officers, they are not. They’re part of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Still, Rantz points out OLEO is not attacking the VIPR in their flyers because nobody knows who they are. They don’t fit into the sanctuary/illegal immigrant narrative. ICE is better known but, more importantly, so much easier to lie about.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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