Seattle Antifa Create ‘Autonomous Zone’ – Immediately Leads To Warlords, Extortion Of Businesses, Food Shortages

Seattle Antifa Autonomous Zone-1591909303

A group of antifa and communist activists in Seattle have created the “Capital Hill Autonomous Zone,” and it’s going as well as you would expect.

Antifa Declare Independence

The CHAZ was created by antifa members in 6 blocks of the city of Seattle. They barricaded it off, and called for volunteers to protect their new borders with an armed guard. The police precinct was subsequently abandoned, and the police are no longer going in the new zone.

Footage and images from inside Seattle antifa’s “autonomous zone” show the creation of new signs declaring the area’s independence from the United States.

It’s gone, to put it mildly, not great.

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Literal Anarchy In America

While they called for the defunding of the police due to corruption and racism, it seems like the antifa organizers have already been far worse than any police force in the entirety of America.

Reports from the zone claim that “community leaders” have already started up rampant extortion from businesses within the zone for protection money.

McKenzie Diamond, who lives in the area, said that the experience has been “a bit stressful.”

“It’s like checking in with somebody to get into your own home,” Diamond told Kiro 7.  “Just making it so people can get into their buildings. Keep the zone however they want, and move the fencing so people can go home,” she added.

Food rations that they’ve set up have also run out, after they were stolen by a bunch of homeless people.

The worst situation is that a literal warlord has arisen from the anarchy. Raz Simone, a hip-hop artist and leading Black Lives Matter activist, has taken control of the zone, and is assaulting anyone who doesn’t comply, including journalists.

I must say, I think this is the quickest collapse of a communist society, ever! Say what you want about Seattle antifa, but at least they’re going to be entering the record books.

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