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Sean Hannity Praises Trump For Ending Obama’s ‘Apology Tour’

Nick Givas on July 11, 2018

Fox News host Sean Hannity praised President Donald Trump on his show Tuesday, for ending America’s global “apology tour” started by former President Barack Obama.

“We are not the world’s piggy bank any longer,” Hannity said. “Sadly, western’s Europe love affair with the American presidency actually died because the appeaser-in-chief Barack Obama left office … Many in western Europe prefer weakness. Not a strong America. For example, remember Obama’s feckless apology tour that was revered by all the leaders in Europe?”

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Hannity then played a clip of Obama highlighting America’s flaws and shaming her for being arrogant.

“The press, they picked up on Europe’s love affair with Barack Obama. Echoed his effusive praise. One headline: Obama wows Berlin and the crowd with historic speech,” Hannity continued. “President Obama goes abroad and the world is happier for it … Let’s go back to Ronald Reagan what he received. Like President Trump, Reagan led the world with American exceptionalism and the concept of peace through strength.”

“If history tells us anything, Europe apparently doesn’t learn,” he concluded. “America is now back and strong and actually leading on the world stage. The apology tour is over.”

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