Watch Sean Hannity Mixes It Up with RINO Lindsey Graham Over Being “Polarizing!”



Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham took a shot at Fox News’ Sean Hannity, putting him in the same category as MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, saying he is polarizing with his conservative views.

Graham was a guest on Hannity’s show when the host confronted him about the comments.

Hannity started off by remarking, “I love when you go on with liberal commentators like Chuck Todd and take shots at me.”

“That’s great,” he added.

Graham hinted that he can’t be quite as hardcore with his conservative views because “I’m in a different business than you are.”

Without solutions on such divisive topics as amnesty at a premium, he claims “someone needs to find a way to solve the immigration problem with a plan that addresses all of the moving parts.” Meaning, Graham is capable of combining ideas from both a Sean Hannity conservative and a Rachel Maddow liberal.

Is that what our country really needs right now?

Hannity claimed he has solutions for a wide variety of issues facing the country. He went on to explain that he has a conservative solution caucus, supports tax cuts, the penny plan, energy independence, border security and a strong national defense.

Then Hannity reminded Senator Graham that he has called for President Obama’s impeachment in the past.

“You’re polarizing!” he quipped.

Watch the exchange below …

Graham has a rather extensive history of being a RINO, pretending to take a conservative stance while practically rubber-stamping the Obama agenda, something this country does not need after eight years of hard-left liberal incompetence.

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