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‘March For Our Lives’ Dis-Invited School Shooting Victim

Andrew Pollack’s daughter, Meadow Pollack, was among those tragically murdered during February’s school shooting at Majority Stoneman Douglass High School. Meadow died shielding her fellow classmates.

While the media has been giving no shortage of airtime to survivors calling for gun control, they haven’t given nearly as much to Andrew, who has spent the weeks following the massacre advocating for safer schools and getting legislation passed.

Hunter, Andrew’s son, and Meadow’s brother wanted to speak on Saturday at the March For Our Lives in Meadow’s honor. Both Andrew and Hunter take an anti-gun control stance but obviously had no intention of saying anything political during the speech. According to Andrew, the March’s organizers decided not to let Andrew speak.

According to Breitbart:

 Andrew said they tried for two days to work with organizers for a chance to speak at the march but that organizers denied the request. “At first they told him, yes, then it turned to no,” Pollack told Breitbart News. “They claimed no time.”

“My son, he got denied to speak at the march, so I’m not going to the march,” Pollack said. “He was pretty disappointed that he didn’t get to speak at this march. I guess he’s got a different agenda than their agenda.”

“I was going to give a speech about Meadow and how devastated I am and how we need to make change, but they won’t allow me to put my voice out,” Hunter said in an interview. “I feel that they don’t really care about the victims’ families. If they did, they would have let me speak, and they didn’t. I don’t know what this is about.”
Hunter read part of his prepared speech on camera, which was shared on Facebook:

It seems obvious that the March’s organizers were only interested in allowing those victimized by gun violence to speak if they shared their left-wing ideologies. In Hunter’s speech, he does nothing more than honor his late sister. His only crime was not being among those students publicly calling for gun control.

Was this a “March For Our Lives,” or a march for leftism? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.