So, let me get this right: Hillary Clinton, a politician, or to be more specific, a former secretary of State, can sell the Russians our uranium but Donald Trump, a businessman, cannot conduct business in a foreign country, like any other American entrepreneur?

It is evident that the left will not be satisfied until Trump is gone. They must be worried he will win in 2020. How anyone can not see their motivation for launching intensive investigation after investigation is beyond me.

When Trump dropped the bombshell about Barack Obama wiretapping him or his campaign aides, Schiff quickly went into his usual role of deflecting from the real issue and began to attack Trump’s credibility at every opportunity.

But, when former Chairman Devin Nunes revealed that intelligence community sources had given him information collaborating much of what Trump alleged, Schiff became visibly angry. One must wonder if Schiff knew Obama’s people broke laws because he seemed to go into a frenzy, as if he’s the guy Democrats have entrusted to keep these secrets from getting out.

Schiff’s tactic of connecting unrelated dots is reprehensible. He is using the power of government to damage the reputation of men he knows nothing about. His flimsy conspiracy theory is all about advancing a political agenda to delegitimize Trump’s presidency. He should be ashamed of his “party first, America last” approach.

Aside from that damage, his irresponsible allegations are also damaging relations with Russia.

No matter what one thinks of Russia, it is a major player in the world and for a U.S. congressman to spend months accusing Russia of somehow altering the results of the election — based on no hard evidence — it cannot possibly be helpful to our relations with a foreign power.

I’ve explained this to many of my friends, and usually they come back with, “How do you explain over 35 indictments, guilty pleas and jail time for people associated with Trump and his presidential campaign?”

My answer to them is that none of those indictments are related to Donald Trump and the Russians. Top Republicans and Democrats have stated time after time that they have not seen any evidence of collusion. So what’s the deal?

Let me be frank: Schiff is as corrupt as they come. He needs to recuse himself because of his contacts with the key players before any Mueller investigation beginning.  The congressman despises this president and his only motive now is to take down Trump and raise up his name.

Someone needs to tell Schiff the more support Trump receives, the more he looks foolish. What is amazing is that this POTUS can filter out the noise and get as much done as he has.