Sarah Silverman Ashamed: Admits She’s Never Had an Abortion

Comedienne Sarah Silverman, who moonlights as a pro-abortion activist, told Bill Maher she’s ashamed she’s never had an abortion.

And no, she wasn’t trying to be funny.

And the truth is, and I don’t like to admit this … I’ve never had an abortion and I don’t know if I would. But it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t fight to the death for women to make their own choices for their own human bodies.

She also called human fetuses “goo” and trotted out the tired canard about how conservatives only care about fetuses, not mothers or born children. “It’s goo,” she declared. “It’s goo that they’re so worried about. And they’re born, and it’s ‘you’re on your own, slut.”

Yawn. You’d think a professional comedian could do better than cliches and “jokes” staler than month-old bread. What else you got, Sarah?

For starters, she’s willfully ignorant. This isn’t the 1970s; information on fetal development is readily available these days. Silverman often mocks Christian beliefs, but the belief that a being with a beating heart, spinal cord, and a rapidly developing nervous system at 6 weeks is just “goo” is nothing but an article of faith.

But the really interesting part was that Silverman “doesn’t like to admit” she hasn’t had an abortion and isn’t sure she’d ever want one. If Silverman is for choice, why does it matter? Aren’t all reproductive choices equally valid in her worldview? It seems that Silverman unwittingly gave us some insight into the mind of a “pro-choicer”: they think the only acceptable solution to an unplanned pregnancy is abortion, and view any other choice as shameful. (Even Bill Maher was laughing at Silverman’s pro-abortion fanaticism, retorting, “Thank you for being brave enough to admit you’ve never had an abortion.”)

Conservative writer Ben Shapiro mocked Silverman’s comments by Tweeting:

Indeed. Between her scientific ignorance and her contempt for women who make other “choices,” Silverman is a terrible spokeswoman for her cause.

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