Sarah Palin Returns to Television and Immediately Does THIS!


America was treated to a two-for-one dismantling of liberals yesterday, as word that former Alaska governor and self-proclaimed ‘Mama Grizzly’ Sarah Palin, is set to return to cable news began spreading. Then, she promptly appeared as a guest on Fox News to praise Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

Liberals, I’m sure, are going apoplectic.

First, Palin’s return to cable news (via NewsMax):

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will be returning to cable TV next week as a guest host on One America News Network.

The network announced on Tuesday that Palin will be guest hosting the political talk show “On Point” for the entire week of August 24-28.

Though the guest hosting is billed as a one-week temporary stint, OANN staffers believe Palin is in talks to join the network permanently, Mediaite reports.

Palin then made an appearance on Greta Van Susteren’s show to praise Donald Trump for looking at the big picture on illegal immigration.

She explained that allowing illegal immigrants to ignore the laws of a sovereign nation is a path that allows them to then ignore other laws, because they’ve essentially been awarded for doing the wrong thing the moment they set foot on American soil.

“When we incentivize people to come on over with any avenue, it sends the wrong message to illegals, Palin explained.  “In fact, we are rewarding them taking illegal action as their first step as they are on our land. How much sense does that make?”

She then articulated that Trump’s immigration plan is a “shot in the arm” to constitutionalists and conservatives who want politicians to put America first.

Palin finished by saying she’s “so happy” with Trump.

Could this be a glimpse of what’s to come as Sarah returns to cable news?

Watch her segment on Fox below …

Is Sarah Palin’s return to cable news a good thing for conservatives? Tell us why or why not below.

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