Yet another media fake news story has been debunked!

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders defended her Southern honor and proved all her skeptics wrong about the whole #PieGate controversy – the woman truly can make a beautiful homemade pecan pie on her own.

The big pie scandal all began back on Thanksgiving when the press secretary tweeted out a picture of the pie she had just made.

Some people thought that yummy looking pie was too good to be true and accused Sanders of using a stock photo or taking a picture of a store bought pie. One reporter in particular, CNN Analyst April Ryan, challenged her for proof.

In another sign of the sad, sorry state of affairs in America, #PieGate even started trending on Twitter.

Yes, this is really the type of crap people get riled up about on Twitter.

But now Sanders has provided proof. Ahead of the annual White House Press Corps Christmas potluck, she tweeted to Ryan that she was about to make pies.

But even then Ryan didn’t seem convinced.

So Sanders set about tweeting photos of her making the pies, step by step.

Finally the reporter started coming around.

But now that she knows Sanders made the pies, Ryan’s still too nervous to eat them because “you guys don’t like the press.”

I think she was honestly scared of what Sanders would put in her pies for the press.

Finally the moment of truth arrived and Sanders delivered her pies to the press.

Ryan was pleased by the gesture and pledged that it would signal a reset in the relationship between the White House Press Corps and press secretary. Yeah, we’ll see how long that lasts…

I don’t know how Sanders does it every day. If I had to put up with a hostile press I wouldn’t be baking them pies, I’d be more likely to hit them with a pie to the face!

Just goes to show Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a better person – and baker – than me.

What do you think: Will the end of #PieGate usher in a new era with the White House Briefing Room or will the press continue to attack and spread #FakeNews? Tell us in the comments below!

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