S.E. Cupp Says Biden Isn’t To Blame Because He Couldn’t ‘Fix’ America In 9 Months

S.E. Cupp Says Biden Isn't To Blame Because He Couldn’t Fix America In 9 Months

On Tuesday, the formerly-conservative CNN host S.E. Cupp said that Americans had “heaped huge expectations” on Joe Biden, so the president isn’t to blame for not being able to ‘fix everything’ in just nine months.

Cupp made her remarks on ABC’s “The View” where she joined as a guest host.

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Cupp: ‘No One Man Is Capable Of Doing All Of That Ever, Let Alone In Nine Months’

The group began talking about the $3.5 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill trying to make its way through Congress.  

Joy Behar noted Biden’s low approval ratings had not been stellar, asking Cupp whether passing the infrastructure bill and reconciliation might have pushed the president’s numbers up. 

Behar said, “Let me ask something. His approval ratings would go up if he could get the bills through. S.E.? Why not get rid of the filibuster?”

Cupp replied, “The problem is that’s great for you guys now. What happens when someone else is in power? Do you want them to have the same ability? So, you know, I’m a little on the fence on that.”

Cupp warned that ditching the filibuster would backfire on Democrats when they eventually become the minority party again. 

This is when the CNN host began to make her case that it’s not Biden’s fault he hasn’t been able to improve the country.

“However, I do think, listen, we heaped huge expectations on Biden,” Cupp said, calling America “broken” before Biden took office.

“He literally had to put it back together again, and no one man is capable of doing all of that ever, let alone in nine months,” Cupp argued.

“Maybe a woman is,” Behar said. “But not a man.”

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Cupp Wasn’t The Only One On ‘The View’ Who Believed Biden Has A Problem

Cupp had spent years building her brand as a conservative, only to become one of the most prominent ‘Never Trump’ voices in media, and moving from Fox to CNN. 

She didn’t vote for Trump in 2016, and voted for Biden in 2020. She said she voted for Biden “because he’s a good person.”

The other hosts appeared to agree Biden was in hot water.

Guest co-host Sherri Shepherd said the black vote might not turn out in 2022 due to being disappointed by this administration. 

“I think he’s got a problem ” Shepard said.

Sunny Hostin agreed, saying, “I think you are absolutely dead on.”


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