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President Trump to Possibly Defend Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore

There’s trouble brewing in Alabama.

Senate candidate Roy Moore is being pressured to drop his bid from all sides. Democrats, Republicans, and independents are all pushing on the former Alabama Supreme Court judge to step aside after allegations of sexual misconduct with teenagers.

Moore has maintained his innocence, and has even threatened to sue The Washington Post, presumably for libel.

Nobody has been more explicit in his call for Moore to step down than Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. As the Senate’s guardian of tradition and propriety, McConnell has a vested interest in making sure his chamber remains clear of sexual deviants (Ted Kennedy notwithstanding).

As Republican leadership, egged on by liberals in the media, continues to pressure Moore to drop out, the nation’s attention turns to President Trump, who just completed a successful trip to Asia.

Many in Washington are speculating what Trump will do in regards to the Moore revelations. Will he encourage the judge to drop his bid for the Senate? Will he buck McConnell?

One inside source tells the Washington Examiner that Trump could do what nobody is expecting: Actually stand by Moore.

Here’s what the source told reporter Sarah Westwood: “We will have to see what Trump does when he returns to the United States because he is distracted at the moment. One can imagine he is going to weigh in the opposite of what the establishment wants Moore to do.”

If Trump did that, it would send a tremor though Washington. Liberals would be screaming bloody murder, and McConnell would lose his lunch.

The source also confirmed that Trump could ignore the situation, and, if Moore is elected anyway, encourage the Senate to expel him and reappoint Attorney General Jeff Sessions back to his old seat. From the report: “But some West Wing aides floated the idea to reporters that Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey, a Republican, could name Sessions to his old seat in the event Moore wins the contest next month and gets expelled from the upper chamber by his peers.”

Doing so would create another massive shakeup in Washington.

At this point, it’s not clear what President Trump will do. He’ll need to be briefed fully on events before making a decision.

What do you think President Trump will do? Will he encourage Roy Moore to drop out? Tell us your thoughts below and share this story over Facebook now!