Ron Paul Tells Tucker Carlson That 60 Years Ago There ‘Was A Coup And We Lost Our Government’

Ron Paul tells Tucker Carlson the day "we lost our government" was when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated nearly six decades ago.
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Tucker Carlson continues to have a bigger audience on X, formerly Twitter, than he did on Fox News. Millions watch his videos. His latest episode is an interview with the greatest libertarian of our time: Ron Paul.

Naturally, as a libertarian, Paul believes in limited government and self-rule. But this is something the former Texas congressman no longer believes Americans have.

In fact, Paul told Carlson that the day “we lost our government” was when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated nearly six decades ago.

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Ron Paul Pinpoints The Day Americans Lost Their Government

Among the many things they discussed, Paul told Carlson, point blank, in their interview: “The republic is gone.”

Paul thus elaborated, “The date I saw it was concrete that there was a coup, and we lost our government was on November 22.”

He was referring to November 22, 1963, the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

“That was 60 years ago and our lawmakers never talk about it,” Carlson replied.

From Mediaite, “Paul believes the CIA was directly responsible for the assassination, saying he saw the death of the ‘republic’ when former CIA Director Allen Dulles was allowed to serve on the controversial Warren Commission, which investigated Kennedy’s death. Dulles has previously resigned from his position in 1961 after reported tensions with Kennedy.”

“The republic is gone,” Paul recalled about his reaction to Dulles’s appointment.

The story continued:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has also theorized that the CIA was behind his uncle’s death.

Paul said he remains an “optimist” despite his belief about this coup within the U.S. government and his dissatisfaction with the makeup of Congress. The congressman said he’s encouraged by how much “studying” people have done on systems like the Federal Reserve over his career. Paul wrote a book entitled End the Fed, and the short phrase became a staple for his career as he railed against the “fiat money” pushed by the Fed.

“I tell people you’re not going to get 12, 24, or even 100 new members of Congress. The system is embedded with bankruptcy and corruption that that’s not going to work, but I’m still an optimist,” he said.

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The Wise Libertarian

Paul has arguably done more than any other political figure to raise public awareness about the Federal Reserve and what that institution does to devalue American money. It’s something Americans might be paying more attention to now as inflation continues to rise.

Ron Paul obviously thought the turning point in Americans losing control of their country was when JFK was murdered.

It’s hard to argue that he might have a point.

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