Ron DeSantis’ Campaign Comes Under Fire For Creating Trump ‘Accident Tracker’

Ron DeSantis' campaign launched what they called a "Trump Accident Tracker", a move that was met with a resounding thud on social media.
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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ campaign launched what they called a “Trump Accident Tracker,” a move that was met with a resounding thud on social media.

In an obvious attempt at humor and a means to highlight mistakes made by the former President Donald Trump, the DeSantis War room announced the “accident tracker,” something they explain is “a way of recording how long the former president can go without a workplace accident on the campaign trail.”

It even included an image of a workplace-type sign showing that it had been zero days since Trump’s last mistake.

So confident in their meme-making abilities is Team DeSantis, that they also added a lengthy thread to help explain what the “accident tracker” is.

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Not Sure A ‘Trump Accident Tracker’ Is Going To Erase His 40-Point Lead In The Polls

It’s that old adage about having to explain a joke. In the process, the joke dies. Well, this one died rather quickly, though it was on life support from the start.

From a humor standpoint, the “Trump accident tracker” has all kinds of “How do you do fellow kids” vibes.

But what stood out to several critics on the X social media platform is the air of desperation involved in announcing a move that will surely earn no movement in the GOP primary polls for their candidate.

“This is amazing guys,” wrote journalist Eoin Lenihan. “When he (Trump) wins the primary you can get a job as a ‘fact checker’ for the Lincoln Project.”

“The DeSantis campaign is out of money, still doesn’t draw any crowds, so this is what they turn to,” one user wrote.

“This does nothing – NOTHING – to help your guy,” another individual pointed out. “But maybe you know that. Maybe that’s the point.”

And yet another described the “accident tracker” post as “truly cringe.”

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DeSantis’ Accidents

Look, anybody who reads these pages knows that I am a fan of both Trump and DeSantis. Either man would be miles above and beyond the current occupant of the White House.

But whoever is advising the Florida governor’s campaign is doing him a tremendous disservice, because it’s a pretty feeble attempt at … whatever they’re trying to achieve with this thing.

The DeSantis War Room doubled down just now, posting an update that they are keeping the tracker at “0 days” and having to explain it is because Trump hasn’t made a public appearance since they first launched.

“REMEMBER: Days Trump doesn’t show up to work do not count as accident-free days,” they posted to X.

Guys – REMEMBER: An idea that was stupid yesterday is probably just as stupid today.

If there was a DeSantis “accident tracker” it would have to be reset to zero after launching this moronic effort.

A DeSantis tracker might also mention his false claims that Trump “attacked” Israel and “praised” Hezbollah. Or when he called Trump supporters “listless vessels.” Or when he stated that Trump should have done more to stop the Capitol riot.

Team Trump could also counter by launching a ‘pudding tracker‘ if they so desired.

Whatever the scenario, you just knew the Trump campaign wasn’t going to sit back and offer no response to the “accident tracker.”

And Trump campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung didn’t disappoint, calling it a “weak, bitch move by a dying campaign.”

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