RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, just hours ago declared what was already known to most people – Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for president.

Priebus took to social media and announced that Trump will be the presumptive nominee and his party needs to “unite and focus on defeating Hillary Clinton.”

He ended his tweet with the “#NeverClinton” hashtag, a play on the “#NeverTrump” crowd who vowed to stop the real estate mogul from ascending to the presidency to no avail.

Via Politico:

Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee and it is time for the party to rally around him, RNC chairman Reince Priebus declared on Twitter Tuesday night.

He sent the tweet just minutes after Sen. Ted Cruz finished his speech announcing he was leaving the race — a speech in which Cruz called for unity, but did not mention Trump’s name.

Priebus wrote: “[email protected] will be presumptive @GOP nominee, we all need to unite and focus on defeating @HillaryClinton #NeverClinton”

Ohio governor John Kasich doesn’t appear to be getting on board the Trump train, however. Despite having only won a single state in the primaries, and despite Trump’s clear path to the required 1,237 bound delegates, a spokesman for Kasich vowed to fight on.

Kasich Strategist John Weaver replied to Priebus on Twitter, saying “Appreciate @Reince & his hard work for @GOP, but until someone has 1,237 bound delegates there is no presumptive nominee. CA here we come.”

The only other Republican in the field, Ted Cruz, declared he was suspending his campaign after a brutal defeat in Indiana. Cruz had been the lone true conservative in the field, an individual Rush Limbaugh said was “the most hostile and intolerant toward liberalism.”

Meanwhile, back at Trump headquarters in New York, the mood was decidedly more upbeat. Fox News’ Carl Cameron reported that Trump has his sights set on a new target – Hillary Clinton.

“Donald Trump, now, is looking national,” Cameron declared.

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