RNC Chair McDaniel Finally Learns to Stop Apologizing to the Media

RNC Chair McDaniel Offers Up No Apologies For Biden, Fetterman Comments
YouTube Screen Shot-Fox News 10/30/22

Some Republicans get it, and some don’t.

It looks as though the current chair of the Republican National Committee, Ronna McDaniel, has finally gotten it (though time will tell.)

To be clear, I’m talking about apologizing to the media and Democrats. The Hill appears to be upset that McDaniel “didn’t apologize” for mocking Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman and President Joe Biden. 

This particular instance of refusing to apologize happened when Fox News host Shannon Bream asked McDaniel if she “regretted” mocking Fetterman.

“I certainly want Joe Fri — Fetterman — John Fetterman to get better, and I would never make fun of somebody who has a stroke. But I will say they should be getting in front of the press, and they’re not, and they’re hiding,” McDaniel said.

The “mocking” Bream referenced appears to be an appearance on conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt’s show last week, when McDaniel said, speaking of Biden and Fetterman at a campaign stop together, “Well, maybe they can get a full sentence out.”

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McDaniel Brings Up Fetterman’s Record

Refreshingly, Ronna McDaniel not only refused to “apologize,” she went on the offensive, attacking Fetterman: 

“He just lied about the fact that he wants to ban fracking. He’s lied about the fact that he wants to put a third of the criminals back out on the streets. These are things he’s said in his own words. This isn’t spin. And so they do need to get in front of the media, and answer these tough questions instead of hiding. So I hope they do that.”

Why is it so hard for Republicans to understand? The media will never treat you fairly. The Democrats’ only rule is power. Stop apologizing!

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The State Of Things In Pennsylvania

Fetterman and his opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz, had their one and only debate last week. It was clear very early on that Fetterman is still struggling with auditory and speech comprehension issues, stemming from a stroke he suffered in May.

Even with extra assistance like close captioning to help him in the debate, Fetterman did not have a good night, and may have pushed many voters over the top into the Oz camp.

Currently, according to Real Clear Politics, John Fetterman has a razor thin 1.5 point lead over Dr. Oz – but the only post-debate poll finally showed Oz at +3.

The Political Insider’s Rusty Weiss reported last week that roughly 640,000 early votes had been cast – of those early voters, 73% were Democrats and 19% have been Republicans.

That means that approximately half a million votes were cast before voters had the chance to hear from both candidates, and determine for themselves whether John Fetterman is able to serve as their Senator. 

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