Multiple reports have surfaced indicating Democrats are “freaking out” and having second thoughts following Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman’s debate performance.

NBC News and The Hill both ran reports Wednesday featuring several Democrats expressing very serious concerns after Fetterman stumbled and bumbled his way through the debate with Republican Mehmet Oz.

The Hill’s report featured Democratic operatives who wish to remain anonymous commenting on how the party is “second-guessing” their decision to allow Fetterman to debate while still clearly suffering the effects of a stroke back in May.

“Fetterman’s team never should have agreed to this debate,” one person told the outlet. “He still clearly has serious health issues.”

Another suggested the path forward would require focused attacks on Oz in an attempt to divert attention.

“You can’t pretend you didn’t see what you saw. You can’t wish it or explain it away. You have to dig in and deal with it,” they reportedly said. “It’s going to mean they’ll turn the heat up with Oz.”

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Democrats ‘Freaking Out’ Over Fetterman

The NBC News report provided at least some names with their quotes, including a Democratic consultant who insists party operatives are “freaking” out after Fetterman’s debate performance.

“Folks are pretty much freaking out on the Dem side,” said Khari Mosley, a Pittsburgh-based Democratic consultant.

“In many ways that’s the first time many [people] got to see the phenomenon known as John Fetterman, not the best timing for the biggest stage of his life,” she added.

He’s a phenomenon alright.

Chris Kofinis, a veteran Democratic campaign strategist, demanded people on Fetterman’s team who allowed him to move forward with a debate should be fired while suggesting the race is a toss-up when it should have been in the bag.

“He should not have debated. Anyone on his team who agreed to a debate should be fired, or never work again, because that debate may have tanked his campaign,” Kofinis railed.

“This race was trending toward victory,” he fretted. “Now, it’s anyone’s guess what happens.”

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A Debacle for Democrats

Underscoring those concerns, the Real Clear Politics average had Fetterman, prior to the debate, ahead of Oz by a mere 1.3 points. They consider the race to be a toss-up.

One month ago, Fetterman was leading in the polls by 4.5 points. In mid-August, he was ahead of Oz by 8.7 points.

Will the debate debacle be enough to put Oz over the top?

One voter told NewsNation host Chris Cuomo that he “was definitely leaning towards Fetterman,” but acknowledges post-debate that “I have totally changed to the Oz side.”

Finding the silver lining in Fetterman’s debate performance was Senator Chris Coons (D-DE), who suggested the Democrat candidate’s inability to string together coherent sentences was akin to former President Donald Trump’s debate performances.

“His answers were halting and he didn’t understand the issues, and he was combative and aggressive,” Coons said of Trump. “But millions of Americans voted for him because they liked his attitude and authenticity.”

Being plain-spoken is a lot different than debuting on stage by saying, “Hi. Good night everybody.”

“My gut hunch is a lot of Pennsylvanians when they see John Fetterman in his hoodie and his sweatpants,” while looking at his record and “will choose him.”

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