Bruno Lozano, a young, openly gay, Hispanic Democrat once considered a rising star within his party, abruptly quit as mayor of Del Rio, Texas over the summer because his colleagues refused to acknowledge there was an illegal immigrant crisis at the border.

Lozano’s story is highlighted in an Atlantic column analyzing why Democrats are losing Hispanic voters in droves.

He is described as having “checked every box” in the Democrat Party’s identity politics game and, as such, said “you would figure Democrats might listen when I’m telling them something is wrong.”

Lozano insists he invited every left-wing official he could think of to come visit the southern border and see with their own eyes what was happening.

“They looked the other way,” he said. “They just pretend it’s not happening.”

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Bruno Lozano Warned That Biden Was Making the Problem Worse

Former Del Rio mayor Bruno Lozano said he tried to warn his colleagues of the border crisis as soon as President Biden entered the White House, explaining that while he found Donald Trump’s border policies excessive and inhumane, the new administration was making things worse.

“Lozano said he began sounding the alarm almost as soon as Biden took office,” the Atlantic reported.

“He told his fellow Democrats that, for all the damage done by Trump’s cruel border-security policies, a relaxed approach to border enforcement could prove even more disastrous,” the column continues.

“He warned them of a potential humanitarian or national-security crisis.”

All of those warnings resulted in little action from Democrat officials. All of those warnings came to fruition.

When asked what he wanted to see his party do in response to the crisis Lozano laughed.

“Democrats refuse to even call it a crisis,” he criticized. “They’re gaslighting me.”

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Tells Dems They Need to ‘Read the Writing on the Wall’

In a recent appearance on Fox News, former Del Rio mayor Bruno Lozano warned Democrats that they need to “read the writing on the wall.”

“If we’re not securing this border, it’s going to be catastrophic for the economy,” he explained.

In his interview with The Atlantic, Lozano continued to criticize his party for pretending the border crisis is not a border crisis.

“I’m all about the American dream. But this is unsustainable, just totally unsustainable,” Lozano said. “Government is supposed to be about stability. But this party, my party, is inviting all this instability. I’ve had enough.”

“Now, he’s thinking about quitting the Democratic Party, too,” they write of Lozano.

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He certainly wouldn’t be the first or last Hispanic to walk away from the Democrat Party of late.

Recent polls show Republicans making significant gains in Hispanic support heading into the 2022 midterm elections.

“It’s evident that Republicans are poised next week to win their biggest share of Hispanics in the modern era,” The Atlantic writes.

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