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What’s Your Reaction?


  1. John says:

    Rex Tillerson brought to the post of Secretary of State vast knowledge, experience, and success in dealing with dozens of governments and leaders in every corner of the planet. He had spent his career making impossible deals with impossible people in impossible places.

    However he was stymied time and again by Trump whose chaotic administration shot down almost all of Tillerson’s picks for top deputies. The Donald seemed to go out of his way to do the opposite of everything Tillerson suggested:

    A day after Tillerson rightly suggested Assad should stay in power Trump bombed Syrian government troops. When Tillerson called on Saudi Arabia to end their isolation of Qatar; two hours later, Trump ludicrously labelled Qatar “a funder of terrorism at a very high level.”

    Tillerson tried to open the door to negotiations with North Korea only to be slapped down in tweet from Trump. When The Donald decided recently to meet with the North Korean a journalist said “So Rex was right all along…?”. Trump clearly felt he had no option to fire Tillerson – with a tweet!

  2. poppDavid says:

    You say, “if you can’t do what the Boss wants, then get out”.

    On Monday night Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that the attack on Sergei and Yulia Skripal “clearly came from Russia”

    On Tuesday morning President Trump tweeted that Tillerson was fired. (about noon Moscow time)

    I guess Trump doesn’t let anyone badmouth his boss.

  3. Radar says:

    If you can’t do what the Boss wants, then get out.

  4. Gunnysack says:

    It’s the best news that I have heard in a year. Tillerson was the head of the Boy Scouts of America, and allowed queers to join as scoutmasters. He is despicable.

  5. John says:

    Pres. Trump should have done a triple play here and send Sessions and Goldstein on their merry way, they are both totally useless.

  6. Looks like the minions surrounding him are going to rope Trump into war. What the hell. The Washington war-mongers said that the US can “absorb” a nuclear strike and still win the war. Everyone feel better?

  7. Pat says:

    Though Tillerson came highly recommended, he wasn’t a good fit. He constantly butted heads with Trump. He definitely didn’t look like he enjoyed his job at all. He had a constant frown on his face. Trump needs to surround himself with like minded people, who see’s his vision on how to fix our Country. Trump is trying to undo damage done by our previous President. As soon as Tillerson called Trump a moron, he should have been gone the next day !!!

  8. Sharon says:

    There are others I would have preferred to see go.

  9. Ken says:

    I am concerned that President Trump has chosen an CIA Director Mike Pompeo. I am thinking Mr. Pompeo is part of the swamp. But there must be a good reason President Trump trusts him.

    Good luck Mr President. I still believe in you and your MAG push

  10. JoAnn says:

    If Tillerson is not aligned with the President’s foreign policy–which he obviously has often NOT been–then it is no surprise that Pres. Trump wants somebody who will be on-board with what he is trying to do to deal with the many foreign policy crises the Great Eared One bequeathed to him with his brain-dead “lead from behind” BS.

  11. Camille says:

    I knew this would happen eventually, because of the friction between Sect. Tillerson and President Trump. We don’t know all of the details but obviously something else has happened and the President has had enough.

  12. Paul says:

    Just like business; fire and hire until the right mix is in place… No cronies, no buddies.. Results is the only goal…

  13. Jennifer says:

    Does anyone get it? Trump starts out with representatives that will be easy to work with for parties willing to compromise. A year later tougher employees come in and things get serious. Tillerson fulfilled his role and now phase 2…

  14. HOFFHACK says:

    Come on! REALLY? I am amazed that President Trump put up with his Bullschitt for as long as he did! There can only be one top banana! And ole Rex was too used to being the top banana, and found out he wasn’t!

  15. HOFFHACK says:

    While I like Bolton, he is not a number one guy! Now number 2 or 3, yes! I seriously think he needs someone to hold his leash! ():-)

  16. Harold says:

    Anyone who would call his boss a moron needs to be fired.

  17. Gordon says:

    Yes, it is a long time coming. But I think Bolton should be the replacement.

  18. Frank says:

    President Trump is moving Mike Pompeo from head of CIA to Secretary of State. Do we need reminders of how Clinton Obama handled Benghazi with sudden revelations of General Petreaus extra marital affairs and suggesting he compromised intel with his lover? A pattern they followed again with the Seaman that was recently pardoned by President Trump. What service “person” did Obama pardon? A traitor a bona fide convicted traitor on what pretense? He’s a she.
    And I should take serious that President Trump is the one with problems appointing people? I think Pompeo is a great choice but the ideologues who hated his appointment at CIA will no doubt be looking through garbage to find anything to impeach him because garbage is their milieu, maybe they can pay someone to write another dossier and get the FBI to sign off on it without authenticating the contents again. The DOJ is the department that needs to be exorcised top to bottom and bottom to top.

  19. Niko says:

    Anybody can fire somebody but it takes a better man to know how to work that somebody. It is easy to fire a person but having the knowledge to work him is a different story and I think that Trump is a little too impatient when it comes to working people.

  20. Bill says:

    People don’t seem to get that Trump’s favored modus operendi is to keep everyone guessing.

  21. Beat it, Tillerson. Sorry excuse for a SOS if there ever was one. Pompeo is a great choice, not being an oily diplomat but a true patriot. Swamp cleaning at its finest!

  22. Ronald says:

    It is REALLY hard to find good help! At least Trump isn’t afraid to change horses in the middle of the stream.

  23. Baba says:

    The POTUS did the right thing. Best wishes to you Mr. Tillerson and family.

  24. Ronald says:

    Donald Trump definitely should be outgoing about doing whatever he needs too, in order to get his cabinet the way he wants.

  25. Steve says:

    yep, good call

  26. Stephen says:

    ..surprised Tillerson has been kicked out of the State Department? Not at all, as the report says, it’s been a long time coming and anticipated. As to Pompeo as replacement? Well at least he will be the President’s own choice… How he works out is harder to figure – but MY name isn’t Donald!

  27. Larry says:

    I think we have the most awesome president ever ……. love his non-political positions and ability to make out of the box decisions …………

  28. AmericaFirst says:

    I don’t know much about tillerson but I certainly don’t care for his replacement being any where close to the WH.

  29. John says:

    Well done good and faithful Leader. The prayers of your people are being answered !!

  30. Rocky says:

    Thank you Mr. Tillerson for your service. God bless you and your family. Your health is very important to America.

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