REVEALED: 50 Of The Richest People In America – Guess Who DIDN’T Make The List!

richest people
Forbes magazine recently published a list of the richest people in each of the 50 states – you’re probably not on it, but check out who is in the map graphic above.

The results varied greatly from state to state. The “poorest” rich guy on the list is Alaska’s Robert Gillam with a measly $320 million, while Washington state’s Bill Gates tops the list with a whopping $78.8 billion – must be nice!

There are some household names on there: both Koch brothers (Charles for Kansas and David for New York), Warren Buffett in Nebraska, the Waltons of Walmart in Arkansas and Texas, and Sheldon Adelson the casino magnate of Nevada, along with many you probably haven’t even heard of.

Biggest surprise: Donald Trump did not make the list of richest people. Find out how much he is really worth in this video:

What do you think – were you surprised by any of the names that appeared (or did not appear) on this list? Join the discussion below!

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