Owners and operators could face hundreds of dollars in fines for using them.

“Single-use plastics are taking the same cultural place as tobacco where it’s socially unacceptable,” the district says. https://t.co/mSIvQGMA8M

— Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer) July 1, 2019

Straw Ban Based On Fake Figures

Where does this figure come from? According to The Daily Wire, “(It) comes not from the National Park Service, as it is often attributed, and not from recycling company Eco-Cycle, cited by NPS, but from a phone survey that Milo Cress conducted when he was nine. Cress simply called up straw manufacturers and asked for their estimates.”


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“Now, nearly a decade after the phone survey, politicians are imposing a ban and punishing people found in violation,” the Wire notes.

For argument’s sake, let’s say this figure is true (and it’s highly doubtful that it is), have we reached a point in our country where when the powers that be reach some new far-flung position, that everyone else has to fall in line – or else?

Shouldn’t we at least live in a society where citizens can drink from plastic straws if they choose, while also emphasizing the alleged dangers of using them?

Why should any restaurant or business – strike that, any AMERICAN – have to fear government at any level for the CRIME of using a PLASTIC STRAW!

If you thought Washington, DC was messed up before, just wait until this Draconian law goes into effect with FINES!