Republicans Blast Reported Jordan Deal To Make McHenry Temporary Speaker

Jim Jordan McHenry
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By Casey Harper (The Center Square)

U.S. House Judiciary Chair Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, will reportedly back the current speaker pro Tempore, Rep. Patrick McHenry, R-N.C. for a limited temporary speakership role so that lawmakers can hit key funding deadlines coming this year.

The House faces a government shutdown deadline in the middle of November as well as calls to pass funding measures for the respective Ukraine and Israel wars.

Some Republicans were immediately critical of the news, which was reported by Punchbowl News. Whether Jordan goes through with the plan or can be dissuaded by other Republicans remains to be seen.

“There is no path for a GOP-only empowerment of a Speaker Pro-Tem so it will necessarily require Democrat votes,” U.S. Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“It is, in any event, a fool’s errand – breaking with tradition & setting constitutionally questionable precedent to empower someone who is NOT the duly elected Speaker but will be empowered to negotiate a CR & massive supplemental bills (approx. $100BB) for Israel & Ukraine (& $ to process more illegals),” he added.

“It will then set the [House GOP] up for a Xmas omni ‘deal,’” Roy concluded. “I strongly oppose.”

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A third vote for Jordan was expected Thursday, but Jordan’s reported temporary endorsement of McHenry could potentially end more than two weeks of a rudderless House of Representatives.

Jordan failed to get the needed 217 votes both Tuesday and Wednesday as moderate Republicans held out, voting for a range of other potential candidates. Jordan would likely use this temporary stint to try to build more support for his speakership.

Senate Republicans chimed in as well.

“House Uniparty GOP members insisted last week that a ‘Speakerless House’ was a national crisis, but they’re now willing to experiment with unprecedented long-term pro-tem powers when asked to vote for a more conservative Speaker. Stunning hypocrisy,” Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, wrote on X.

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