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Republican Governors Linked With Less Unemployment, More Growth

States with a Republican governor in charge have less unemployment and greater economic growth, even without a Republican legislature to back them up.

Booming Economy Under GOP Leadership

Writing in The Hill, Kristin Tate, an analyst from Young Americans for Liberty, demonstrated a clear link between having a Republican governor in charge of your state and economic success. “Some correlations will always transcend state politics,” she writes. “But what becomes clear is that there is a strong statistical case that electing a Republican governor — even without a matching GOP statehouse — plays a significant role in states’ economic success. Look no further than the last election cycle paired with economic statistics, and this trend soon becomes clear.”

Of the top twenty states with lowest unemployment rates, 17 of those had GOP leadership prior to 2018. In the 8 states where unemployment grew the most last year, 5 of those were run by Democrats. The top 10 states with the highest economic growth, 8 were controlled by Republicans, and in the 10 states with the slowest growth, 8 were controlled by Democrats. The numbers don’t lie people!

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Republican Governors Create Success!

What this study really shows is the impact that good leadership can have on a state. Even in those states without Republican-controlled legislatures, a Republican governor can still make a significant amount of difference. It isn’t a coincidence that the top 10 most popular governors are all Republicans, and 8 out of the 10 least popular are Democrats!

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The success of the governors is replicated at the national level by the best leader we’ve had in decades – President Trump. He’s leading this country to incredible economic successes, yet the Democrats keep trying to say all this is thanks to Obama! They’ve certainly changed their tune since they claimed we were heading for a recession as soon as he took office. The GOP is the party of jobs and the economy, not the left.