Report: Ukrainian Special Forces Officer Behind Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Bombing

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Ukraine has seen a surge in media coverage after sinking back into the rather large shadow the Israeli war against Hamas has cast over the world. But the headlines have not been good for the struggling Eastern European nation.

Between rumors of unfettered corruption, plummeting support from American taxpayers, and rumors that the White House has quietly been trying to push for a negotiated peace, it would seem like it couldn’t get any worse for the once universally beloved President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Now, another headline threatens to move the country from supported ally to forgotten friend of the West.

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The Washington Post broke the news that a senior Ukrainian military official who served in the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces was responsible for the bombing of the Nord Stream pipelines last year. 

Allegedly, Colonel Roman Chervinsky was the “coordinator” of the Nord Stream operation. This news comes from officials in Ukraine and throughout Europe, although none are named in the article.

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While Mr. Chervinsky might have been the coordinator, the story is that he wasn’t the one to plan this escapade in international undersea hijinks. The mastermind is a more senior Ukrainian official who reported directly to General Valery Zaluzhny.

General Zaluzhny is the highest-ranking military official in Ukraine. Also, it’s important to note that he is not on the best terms with President Zelensky due to his recent public remarks that he believes the war is at a stalemate.

Is it just me…or does this smell a bit fishy?

How convenient…but for who?

Oddly enough, Mr. Chervinsky is already in jail for a completely different incident. He has been accused of “abusing his power” in an attempt to lure a Russian pilot into defecting to Ukraine last year.

This claimed unsanctioned operation went south, according to the Ukrainian government, resulting in the compromise of an airfield that the Russians subsequently attacked. Mr. Chervinsky has stated that his imprisonment is political retribution for being critical of President Zelensky.

On this latest implication of his involvement with the Nord Stream pipelines, Mr. Chervinsky released the following statement:

“All speculations about my involvement in the attack on Nord Stream are being spread by Russian propaganda without any basis.”

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Did Mr. Chervinsky coordinate the Nord Stream attacks, or is he a convenient patsy already packaged for prosecution? Does this news help President Zelensky by showing a crackdown on corruption, or does it help him remove another of his internal critics, General Zaluzhny?

Or is the hand of the United States pulling the strings in the background to benefit the swamp – a way to more easily extricate Uncle Sam from this no-win war?

Saw it coming

The claim that the bombings were orchestrated with Ukrainian government involvement isn’t shocking, and the mainstream media has been an active and eager participant in this slow-roll acceptance. When the explosions initially rocked the Baltic Sea last September, most of the talking heads and war hawks pointed their fingers at Russia.

Those of us who dared to question the probability that President Vladimir Putin would blow up his own pipeline were labeled Russian sympathizers and Putin apologists. In fact, my very first article raising questions on the subject earned me a scathing email from an old college professor begging me to stop buying the “lies of Tucker Carlson” and to “please don’t become an unwitting Russian agent.”

However, reports emerged that perhaps Russia didn’t destroy what would be one of their major revenue churners. Award-winning journalist Seymour Hersh wrote that an unnamed American intelligence source had told him that the Biden administration had orchestrated and executed the sabotage.

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Then, bizarrely leaked CIA intelligence documents from a low-ranking Air National Guard member claimed that it was an inside job in Ukraine, with one document stating:

“All of those involved in planning and execution reported directly to Zaluzhnyy, so Zelensky wouldn’t have known about it.”

That lines up a bit more with this latest about Colonel Chervinsky.

Is President Zelensky a hapless leader meant only to beg for more funds while his military commanders go rogue, pulling off incredible feats of subversion and destruction? It looks like he might be an overworked political puppet.

Mark my words

I don’t know if Mr. Chervinsky was involved in the bombings or if he’s just an unfortunate fall guy. Still, there is no doubt in my mind that Ukraine was most definitely involved in the operation.

However, I wonder if they didn’t have help. Back in June, President Zelensky claimed he and his government would never act so irresponsibly, saying they had nothing to do with the pipeline explosions:

“Nothing of the sort has been done by Ukraine. I would never act that way.”

And yet Ukraine has acted just that way, case in point: the attempted assassination of President Putin in the Kremlin utilizing drones earlier this year. Or perhaps the car bombing that killed the daughter of Russian nationalist Alexander Dugin. But perhaps President Zelensky isn’t at the helm of this; maybe he would never act that way.

I can tell you that the United States government would, and history has proven it as government documents reveal time and time again the steady hand of the U.S. behind various shady foreign interventions.

It was President Biden, after all, who said:

“If Russia invades…then there will no longer be a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it.”

To which he followed up when a reporter asked how that would be possible:

“I promise you, we will be able to do that.”

Will we ever know the truth about who was involved with the Nord Stream caper? Doubtful.

But I’ll sit here and just say that…I told you so. 

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