State Rep. Tavia Galonski, a Democratic state representative in Ohio, said she “can’t take it anymore” and threatened to refer President Donald Trump to the International Criminal Court, the Hague, for “crimes against humanity.”

Galonski doesn’t believe in Trump’s promotion of a drug, hydroxychloroquine, that has not been conclusively proven to fight the coronavirus.


The drug, normally used to treat malaria, is one of several that the president has pointed to as showing promise in the fight against COVID-19, but its effectiveness has been a subject of debate. Some doctors are currently singing its praises.

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Yes, the drug has not been approved as one to treat COVID-19, but on the other hand, it is proven to be effective on other ailments and had shown promise in treating some patients invented with COVID-19, so what is the big deal? I can guarantee you that this same person would complain if the drug were NOT used.


If you’ve never been around true Democrat liberals, you have no real idea what they are like.

To them, Trump is evil incarnate, and a Russian asset trying to destroy this country, and Barack Obama was a godsend after Bush. To them, Trump caused COVID-19 (coronavirus) and is doing nothing to stop it, and oh yeah, he is racist for calling it the “Chinese Virus.”

To them, he doesn’t care if Americans die and are only worried about his golf resorts, travel bans and border closures during the pandemic are racist, xenophobic and white supremacist.

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These people live on Facebook, and Twitter posting hate memes, videos, and comments on what seems 24/7. They go through life just looking to be offended by anything. CNN & MSNBC are the only channels allowed for their “news.”


The Dems are worried that if Trump gets reelected that he will have several chances to get another conservative on the court. They will pull out every trick they know to smear his name. After years of failed attempts, they will do anything now as the clock is ticking towards November, and Biden is not going to do the job.

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“I’ve been to the Hague.” So?? You must have been absent during law school when they taught about “intent.” Crimes against humanity, please.

I will speak for only myself here. If I’m lying in a hospital bed with a respirator breathing for me and the only thing left is the “hail mary pass (hydroxychloroquine)” then come on with it. If I’m most likely going to die anyway, then what’s to lose? This woman is just another Democrat representative trying to get her name on the radar screen.

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Yet more proof that the Democratic Party is slipping further into the realm of complete absurdity and hate-driven overreaction to everything President Trump does. Over sixty million Americans were infected with H1N1 in 2009/2010, and twelve and a half thousand died. Still, since Obama was president, not a single word was spoken against his horrible handling of it. Tire if the media-driven panic, tired of idiot Democrats that have no ideas, except hate Trump.

Lady, he is just trying to save American lives. I can hear the alternative reality protest from your office 12 months from now, should Trump have hidden the drug’s potential for treatment, “Trump should be charged with a crime for hiding a potential drug treatment.”