Report: School Board Recalls Surge In Battle Against Critical Race Theory

School board recalls are surging across the nation in an effort to combat the teaching of critical race theory a new report indicates.

School board recalls are surging across the nation in an effort to combat the teaching of critical race theory, a new report indicates.

Axios notes that there have been at least 51 local recall efforts on school boards just halfway through the year, targeting at least 130 elected members of those boards.

According to statistics presented in the report from Ballotpedia, the previous 14 years saw a yearly average of just 23 recall efforts against 52 school board members.

“Efforts to recall school board members are surging around the U.S. — and especially in California — amid Republican efforts to quash teaching about institutional racism,” they write.

Republicans aren’t opposed to “teaching about institutional racism,” but rather critical race theory and similar concepts.

Axios indicates that California is leading the way with 22 school board recalls with Arizona and Idaho following behind with six and four recall efforts respectively.

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Fighting Back Against Critical Race Theory

“Historically, school board recalls tended to stem from disputes over mismanagement, open meeting violations or allegations of corruption,” they explain.

“But this year’s campaigns focus on efforts to snuff out teachings on critical race theory…”

Senator Ted Cruz last month introduced a bill that would block federal funding for any agency engaged in critical race theory training.

Cruz (R-TX) denounced the “Marxist” training as a means to divide people “between the races.”

“The federal government has no right to force a political agenda onto Americans, especially one that aims to tear down our institutions and divide us based on race,” he said.

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Republican Efforts To Fight Racist Education

Former President Donald Trump signed an executive order in September of 2020 prohibiting federal agencies, federal contractors, and federal grant recipients from providing workplace blame-focused training such as race stereotyping.

Trump further took aim when he announced his 1776 Commission designed to promote patriotic education and push back against leftist indoctrination efforts.

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“Students in our universities are inundated with critical race theory,” the former President stated.

“This is a Marxist doctrine holding that America is a wicked and racist nation, that even young children are complicit in oppression, and that our entire society must be radically transformed.”

President Biden revoked the executive order on his first day in the White House.

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) blasted critical race theory as a “fairy tale” promoted by Democrats, a fairy tale that is “as dumb as a bag of hair.”

A father recently went viral when he denounced his child’s school for pushing critical race theory instead of basic educational subjects.

“Critical Race Theory is teaching that white people are bad,” he said.

“That’s not true,” he insisted. “That would teach my daughter that her mother is evil.”


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