Report: Nikki Haley Getting A Second Look From Major GOP Donors As DeSantis Flounders

Republican donors are looking at former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley as a viable hope to displace Trump as the nominee.
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Aside from Donald Trump, one other person who is looking to benefit from the Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s uninspiring presidential campaign thus far is Nikki Haley.

A new Reuters report indicates that five significant Republican donors are looking at the former South Carolina governor as a viable hope to displace Trump as the nominee.

Or, at least have a better chance to do so than DeSantis seems to have at this point.

Reuters reveals that the donors “will be watching” Haley “to see how she does at the second debate” in California later this evening.

That debate, which is likely little more than a contest for second place, will feature Haley and DeSantis along with North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, former Vice President Mike Pence, businessman Vivek Ramaswamy and Senator Tim Scott (SC).

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Haley Gaining Donors – DeSantis Losing Them

In even further bad news for the DeSantis campaign, while three of the five donors profiled in the Reuters column have stayed on the sidelines thus far, two of them have not.

In fact, one was verbally supportive of DeSantis while not having donated financially thus far, but another had already donated $1 million to help the governor’s campaign.

That’s called buyer’s remorse. And we’ve barely gotten out of the starting gate.

According to the report, that million-dollar donor “has doubts that DeSantis can win.”

“Until the first debate, I hadn’t seen her force of will and her presence. I absolutely would consider donating to her,” he said.

Still, it appears at least in this case, that the donor hasn’t committed to a full switch as of yet, and that his decision would come down to who he thinks is “most capable” of taking on Trump and President Joe Biden.

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There’s Only One Opponent Here, GOP Donors

Let’s go ahead and analyze that last thought. Why are GOP donors so willing to turn their backs on voters from their own party?

It shouldn’t be about who can take out Biden AND Trump. President Biden is the one destroying the country. He is the one, if given four more years or however many it takes before Kamala Harris replaces him, who will almost certainly put a nail in the coffin of the American “experiment.”

If you think Trump is not capable of beating Biden, that’s one thing. But he’s clearly the man Republican voters believe is the best option and, according to the polls, coasting to victory in the primaries.

So by all means, go ahead and set your money on fire if that’s what you’d like. But make no mistake, Biden is the enemy here.

Despite DeSantis’s struggles, donors might want to consider the fact that Haley continues to sit in third place in the RealClearPolitics national average.

Trump is the clear frontrunner at 57%, while Desantis earns 14% and Haley a mere 6%.

In a memo to her own donors several months ago, Haley ripped the two individuals in front of her in the polls.

She described DeSantis as not “ready for prime time” and blasted Trump as “consumed by the grievances of the past.”

Those grievances of the past have now materialized into arrests and indictments by a borderline dictatorial administration.

These donors should focus on what this country is becoming or will become instead.

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