Report: Kevin McCarthy Threatened To Kick Eric Swalwell’s A**

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy reportedly threatened Eric Swalwell after the California Democrat called out his colleague for being "a weak man."
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House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) reportedly threatened Eric Swalwell (D-CA) after the California Democrat called out his colleague for being “a weak man.”

The Daily Beast is reporting that Swalwell initially made remarks challenging McCarthy’s toughness during a vote to censure Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA), which took place on June 21st.

“This is pathetic,” Swalwell reportedly said to McCarthy while he was presiding over the House. “You’re weak. You’re a weak man.”

Incidentally, those words are something Swalwell likely repeats to himself every morning while looking in the mirror.

Just kidding.

According to the report and two lawmakers cited as sources, McCarthy confronted Swalwell in the men’s room the next day.

“McCarthy said, ‘If you ever say something like that to me again, I’m gonna kick the shit out of you,’” the GOP leader said according to one House member.

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Swalwell Reportedly Called McCarthy A ‘P****’

This is where things really got interesting between McCarthy and Swalwell in the congressional men’s bathroom – a line I never thought I’d type in my life.

According to witnesses, McCarthy threatened Swalwell by saying, “Call me a pussy again, and I’ll kick your ass.”

And yet, somehow, Swalwell, who is known as one of the biggest dorks in all of Congress, managed to make McCarthy look exactly as he had said: weak.

According to the lawmakers, Swalwell responded to McCarthy’s threat by saying point blank: “You. Are. A. Pussy.”

“After both men stared each other down for another moment, McCarthy eventually relented,” the Daily Beast reported. “He stepped to the side and let Swalwell through to the bathroom — without kicking his ass.”

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McCarthy Walked Away

Isn’t this confrontation with Swalwell essentially a microcosm of what House Speaker McCarthy represents? Tough-talking when it doesn’t really matter, but ultimately just steps aside when difficult decisions are being made?

I mean … How do you make that dweeb look like the tough guy in an exchange of that nature? First off, as a Democrat, Swalwell can’t define the word that he used. Second, he appears to have been proven correct.

This is a nerd who you just know was on the receiving end of an atomic wedgie nearly every day of his junior high career, and you let him own you like that?


Swalwell is, after all, a guy who broke both of his thumbs playing soccer. He’s not athletic. Some have suggested the Chinese spy he – allegedly – had an affair with was the – *ahem* – dominant force in the relationship.


Swalwell, as everyone knows at this point, had a well-documented relationship with a Chinese spy, who managed to get an intern placed in the California Democrat’s Washington office. Some have speculated that the relationship was sexual, something the congressman has not specifically denied.

Aside from getting amorous with Chinese spies – allegedly – Swalwell is best known for going shirtless with his boys on a camel in Qatar, portraying himself as a comic book superhero like the Avengers, and passing gas on live television.

That’s the guy you made look like a warrior by comparison?

As one of his first moves as Speaker, McCarthy removed both Schiff and Swalwell from their committee assignments earlier this year. In Swalwell’s case, it was due to his relationship with the Chinese spy.

“Swalwell can’t get a security clearance in the private sector. I’m not going to give him a government security clearance,” McCarthy announced when speaking about committee assignments.

“If you got the briefing I got from the FBI, you wouldn’t have Eric Swalwell on any committee,” he would later say.

What a joke.

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