Report: FBI Was Seeking Trump’s ‘Private Stash’ of Documents He Believed Would ‘Exonerate’ Him Over Russiagate

Sources believe that the FBI raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago home was specifically targeting the former President's personal "private stash" of hidden documents, including documents he believed would "exonerate" him from claims of Russia collusion.
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Sources believe that the FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home was specifically targeting the former President’s “private stash” of hidden documents, including documents he believed would “exonerate” him from claims of Russia collusion.

The revelations come from a report by Newsweek which cites two unnamed, high-level intelligence officials as sources.

The report indicates agents were instructed to retrieve “all government documents” so as to protect the source who had tipped them off, “But the true target was this private stash, which Justice Department officials feared Donald Trump might weaponize.”

“The sought-after documents deal with a variety of intelligence matters of interest to the former president, the officials suggest—including material that Trump apparently thought would exonerate him of any claims of Russian collusion in 2016 or any other election-related charges.”

The report also outlines how the President had boxes of documents shipped to Mar-a-Lago “by mistake” due to the chaotic transition process.

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FBI Looking For Trump Documents Related to Russia Hoax

The Newsweek column does not suggest that the FBI going after Trump’s personal “private stash” was anything nefarious, as the items were still presumably government related.

But the “true target” being described by the unnamed sources is concerning. And it’s difficult to come to any other conclusion than Trump had documents he believed would reflect positively on his claims that the Russiagate narrative was a hoax and the FBI didn’t want it used by him.

Assuming the sources are legitimate and correct, of course. That’s the problem with unnamed sources.

“Trump was particularly interested in matters related to the Russia hoax and the wrong-doings of the deep state,” another source, described as a former Trump official, told the outlet. “I think he felt, and I agree, that these are facts that the American people need to know.”

As for fears he might “weaponize” what he had?

“The official says Trump may have been planning to use them as part of a 2024 run for the presidency,” writes Newsweek.

Now, why would the FBI be focused on things Biden’s chief political opponent might use to get him elected?

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Meddling in the Election

Though unproven accusations at this time, should these high-level intelligence officials be correct in their assessment that the FBI went after documents Trump believed would “exonerate” him of what he calls the Russia collusion hoax, it’s nearly impossible to view the raid as anything other than an egregious attack on a political opponent.

The officials, according to the report, state that “it was not necessarily the classification level of the documents nor even their subject matter that investigators were focused on.”

Those, they explain, were being amicably returned through negotiations prior to the raid.

But there was another set of documents they were interested in that comprised “part of Donald Trump’s stash.”

And the claim that the FBI and DOJ, according to the Trump official, sought to make sure he didn’t “weaponize” his stash for the 2024 presidential election would be a de facto admission that they did, in fact, take a law enforcement action to keep a political opponent from presenting “facts that the American people need to know.”

It would be, as Dan Bongino has said, “some third-world bullshit right here.”

As usual, transparency would nip such speculation in the bud.

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