Tina Johnson, one woman behind accusations of sexual assault against Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore, has a history of mental health issues, drug problems, and a conviction on felony fraud charges analysis of court documents reveal.

Documents show that as a then 28-year-old, Johnson had to sign documents in Moore’s law office to turn custody of her son over to her mother.

After the mother left the room, Johnson claims Moore became aggressive.

“It was so uncomfortable,” she said. “He just grabbed me from behind, on my buttocks.”


Breitbart reports that Johnson has a history of fumbling the truth. For starters, court documents and the fact that she had to sign over custody of her child at the age of 28, seem to indicate some sort of responsibility issues.

Moore represented the mother, and the case repeatedly portrayed Johnson as an ‘unfit, absent, and unstable mother.’

The court documents also paint a disturbing portrait of the accuser’s mental health history. She had reportedly been treated for psychiatric issues from the age of 15, entered a court-ordered rehabilitation program, and was arrested and pled guilty to felony fraud charges.

The fraud charges stemmed from ‘checks belonging to a family member.’


Johnson first relayed her story to AL.com, who failed to note the nature of the custody battle or why it was necessary.

Instead, they glossed over it, saying “Johnson has had ups and downs in her life, both before and after she met Moore.”

No mention of psychiatric issues. No mention of drug issues. No mention of an incident in which she took her son out of elementary school against his will.

And no mention of the mother describing her as having “a violent nature” requiring treatment “by a psychiatrist when she was approximately 15 years of age.”

The accuser’s character is relevant, is it not?

“Judge Moore has vehemently denied the allegations made against him,” a statement from the Alabama Republican Party reads. “He deserves to be presumed innocent of the accusations unless proven otherwise. He will continue to take his case straight to the people of Alabama.”

But he’s been condemned as guilty in the media, even by accusers with shady backgrounds.

What do you think about these allegations? Are Roy Moore’s accusers believable? Share your thoughts below!

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