Report: Biden Accused of Sending ‘Clandestine’ Flights of Migrant Children to New York

A mayor in upstate New York accused the Biden administration of conducting seemingly "clandestine" flights of migrant children into the state, with one witness claiming they thought it was "against their will."
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A mayor in upstate New York has accused the Biden administration of conducting seemingly “clandestine” flights of migrant children into the state, with one witness claiming they thought it was “against their will.”

The news comes just weeks after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was accused of “kidnapping” illegal immigrants and sending them to Martha’s Vineyard.

The New York Post reports that at least two flights came from El Paso, Texas and arrived in Montgomery County, New York, and carried dozens of minors between the ages of 13 and 18.

The flights have all the hallmarks of what DeSantis and Texas Governor Greg Abbott have been accused of by Democrats and the media.

“This seems clandestine,” Montgomery Village Mayor Steve Brescia told the Post.

He also suggested officials were “never informed” about the flights.

“It’s just disturbing we weren’t informed of any of this,” Brescia complained.

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Secret Flights of Migrant Children?

The Biden administration’s flights of illegal immigrants across the country have been an open secret for some time. Officials at the White House contend there is nothing clandestine about them or the timing of their arrivals – oftentimes late at night.

The Political Insider reported in June that the Biden administration had increased migrant flights into New York – happening since at least August of 2021 – with an additional airport being utilized to handle the overflow.

A local reporter shared video and captioned it with a disclaimer stating “officials say flights are legal under U.S. immigration law.”

But Brescia’s use of the word ‘clandestine’ seems relevant, especially considering that is the exact phrasing the New York Times used in accusing DeSantis of illegality for the Martha’s Vineyard flights.

“Details have begun to emerge of the clandestine mission that was carried out,” they wrote, referencing “flights paid for with state money in possible violation of the state law that allocated the money.”

One can reasonably assume the Times will not only avoid the word ‘clandestine’ in describing the Biden migrant flights, but they will likely not even cover the story at all.

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The Hypocrisy is Unreal

California Governor Gavin Newsom sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland last month requesting the Department of Justice look into “kidnapping” charges for those involved in the effort to send illegal immigrants to Massachusetts.

Several Democrats and media personalities griped that DeSantis did not alert authorities at the flight destination locations and have suggested the illegals were ‘tricked’ into boarding the plane.

And on those counts, the hypocrisy is rich.

Authorities in Montgomery County were allegedly so completely left in the dark about what was happening that somebody noticing “suspicious” activity at the airport and had to alert them to the matter.

The police then had to chase down the buses taking them elsewhere.

“Police quickly intercepted the bus as it left the airport to question the chaperones and migrant kids, who hailed from Honduras, Ecuador, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua,” the Post reports.

Additionally, the initial call to authorities “stated the witness thought he heard one of the children say they were here against their will.”

It is unclear if these flights followed established protocols for transporting illegal immigrant minors.

Montgomery County’s Deputy Police Chief Paul Arteta said adults accompanied the minors and had the paperwork on their flight plans and destinations – including “a dozen different shelters, children’s homes and ‘vetted sponsors’ across New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.”

“Taking them 2,000 or 3,000 miles further away from where they originated is just terrible,” Arteta said. “They knew they were going to be helped in some way but they had absolutely no clue what was going on.”

Republican Representative Claudia Tenney of New York called for President Biden’s impeachment over the illegal immigrant flights into her state earlier this year.

“This is a complete, aggravated dereliction of duty, which is why … I called for Joe Biden to be impeached and removed,” she demanded.

“His primary obligation as the commander-in-chief and president of the United States is to enforce our laws, to live up to his oath, to enforce our border security, and to tell the truth to the American people,” Tenney insisted.

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