Report: Antifa Activist Who Attacked GOP Senator’s Office With An Axe Gets Probation

Fox News has reported that Alexander Starks, a self-described Antifa activist, received probation for a violent display of destruction at a GOP senator’s office using an axe.

The Brainerd Dispatch last December reported on the attack.

They write that Starks wore a “black mask” and after initially ringing the intercom and receiving no answer, returned to the office of Senator John Hoeven (R-ND) “with what appears to be an ax” and “smashes the intercom and windows before walking away.”

The Dispatch notes that the man was “very vocal” about his left-leaning political views according to court documents and indeed, under a pseudonym on Facebook posted “I am Antifa” in a post claiming the group’s violent reputation was largely made up.

The incident was caught on video.


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Probation For Antifa Axe Attack

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin, in a segment with host Tucker Carlson, reported that Starks, despite the violent nature of the attack, was only handed probation and a mild fine.

“Even though federal sentencing guidelines suggested maybe ten to sixteen months in prison, Starks was only given probation and a fine of about $2,800,” Melugin revealed.

As you might expect, this punishment doesn’t seem to have persuaded the Antifa axe-wielding lunatic that his crimes were serious.

In fact, constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley reports that Starks mocked the FBI because they returned his axe.

“Look what the FBI were kind enough to give back to me!” he joked in a social media post under his pseudonym.

Of course, his mugshot shows he wasn’t all that remorseful to begin with, revealing the usual look for an Antifa activist long residing in his parent’s basement.

In it, Starks sports a defiant smile, likely similar to the one he used to give after stealing from the cookie jar and knowing Mommy wasn’t going to do anything about it.

“Putting aside the light sentence, the returning of the axe is rather curious. It would seem an instrument of the crime and could be declared lost in any plea,” Turley wrote. “Instead, it was returned as if it was a form of political expression by the Justice Department.”

“Starks is now free to axe his way to a better world.”

Provided Mom and Dad let him out past curfew again.

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Unequal Justice

Imagine for a moment, anybody at the Capitol riot wielding an axe and trying to break down doors to the offices of lawmakers.

Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, and AOC would no longer have to fabricate the level of violence on that day – it would have been real and it would have been on video for everybody to see.

By contrast, Jacob Chansley, known as the “QAnon Shaman” was sentenced to 41 months in prison for his role in the January 6 riot.

Chansley is on video calmly walking throughout the chamber, even being escorted by Capitol police in some areas. He wielded no axe. He smashed no doors or windows.

Carlson addressed the discrepancy between the Shaman’s sentence and Starks.

“In case you’re looking for yet another example of justice applied unequally, here’s one: the Qanon Shaman just got three years in prison for walking, smiling around the Capitol building on January 6,” Carlson said.

“Meanwhile, in the rest of the country, Antifa, BLM, riots, setting things on fire, the feds just went particularly easy on a vandal with an axe smashed into a U.S. senator’s office.”

In another case, a man who pled guilty to breaching the Senate chamber during the January protest was sentenced to eight months in prison.

CNN described the nefarious acts this particular man carried out as such: “He spent about 15 minutes inside the Senate chamber, wearing a Donald Trump shirt and carrying a Trump flag.”

He was not accused of any violent act either.

Several House Republicans over the summer sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland demanding to know why protesters at the Capitol on January 6th were being arrested and jailed while many BLM and Antifa protesters had not.

The letter asked Garland to explain an “inconsistent application of the law with respect to rioters across the country.”

That inconsistency is glaring in the Antifa axe attack case.

Rather than accusing Starks of nearly murdering the Republican Senator, several Democrats in North Dakota actually donated to a fundraiser to help pay for a good lawyer.

It must have worked.


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