Reparations Activists Want $15 Billion – Issue Demand For Cash To ‘White Churches’

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The Boston Task Force on Reparations wants $15 billion in slave reparations, and they’re demanding that “white churches” step up by handing over money to the black community to pay them back for racial inequities dating back to the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

Demands For Reparations From ‘White Churches’

Fox News reported that this was revealed at a press conference on Saturday after Black and White clergy members met in Roxbury. This came one month after the activists called for Boston to “fully commit to writing checks” and for a $15 billion payout, claiming that the New England city’s wealth was built on slavery.

“We call sincerely and with a heart filled with faith and Christian love for our White churches to join us and not be silent around this issue of racism and slavery and commit to reparations,” Rev. Kevin Peterson said on Saturday. 

“We point to them in Christian love to publicly atone for the sins of slavery and we ask them to publicly commit to a process of reparations where they will extend their great wealth — tens of millions of dollars among some of those churches — into the Black community,” he continued.

Peterman went on to explain how exactly he wants the slave reparations to be paid, demanding $5 billion in cash payments be given to Boston’s Black residents, with another $5 billion to be invested in new financial institutions. The final $5 billion payment would be used to address what he describes as the racial disparities in education and anti-crime measures.

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Letter Demanding Cash Payments Sent To Churches

John Gibbons, a unitarian church minister, outrageously claimed that religious officials were among the Boston leaders who were most likely to enslave people.

“Beginning in the 17th century, all of our colonial churches were founded on the profits of slavery,” Gibbons said, according to KOMO News. “Colonial ministers were among the most likely to have enslaved servants.”

Sixteen religious leaders signed a letter demanding that churches provide cash payments while also making efforts to create affordable housing and back new financial institutions “in Black Boston.” The letter was sent to the following four churches that were all founded in the 17th and 18th centuries: Arlington Street Church, Trinity Church and Old South Church in Back Bay, King’s Chapel in downtown Boston. 

“That is not enough,” Gibbons said. “Somehow we need to move with some urgency toward action and so part of what we’re doing is to prod and encourage white churches to go beyond what they have done thus far.”

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Boston Mayor’s Slave Reparations Task Force

The radically liberal Boston Mayor Michelle Wu launched the slave reparations task force in 2022, asking them to give her reparative justice recommendations for Black residents.

“Even after Massachusetts outlawed slavery, our region continued to benefit from the labor of enslaved people,” Wu said last year. “That legacy formed deep, painful and lasting systems of exclusion and inequity that persist to this day.”

Slavery was abolished in this country nearly 160 years ago, and nobody alive today has any responsibility for the practice, despite what leftists will tell you. It’s infuriating that slave reparations are still something that is being pushed for, and that radical liberals have resorted to trying to guilt-trip “white churches” into paying up.

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