Cori Bush Uses Juneteenth To Call For $14 Trillion In Reparations – This Is Just A ‘Starting Point’

Representative Cori Bush used the Juneteenth holiday to continue her push for $14 trillion in reparations for slavery in America, calling it a good "starting point."
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Representative Cori Bush (D-MO) used the Juneteenth holiday to continue her push for $14 trillion in reparations for slavery in America, calling it a good “starting point.”

Bush also argued for an end to apartheid in America (education and housing), an end to “police violence,” and demanded “white supremacy” be taught in this country.

None of those things exists in this country at any significant level.

“It’s Juneteenth AND reparations,” she wrote on social media. “It’s Juneteenth AND end police violence + the War on Drugs.”

“It’s Juneteenth AND end housing + education apartheid. It’s Juneteenth AND teach the truth about white supremacy in our country,” Bush continued. “Black liberation must be prioritized.”

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Cori Bush On $14 Trillion In Reparations – It’s A Start

Representative Cori Bush (D-Race Hustler) has used the momentum from extremist liberal cities who are starting to push for reparations as a means to pay for the black vote and continue to assert their ownership of these communities by making them subservient to the Democrat party.

She, according to a CBS News report, “believes ongoing efforts in EvanstonBostonSan Francisco and her hometown of St. Louis could galvanize support for reparations on the federal level.”

While the demands coming out of those locales have been ridiculous and widely ridiculed, Bush is asking for even more. In May, she introduced legislation demanding $14 trillion in reparations and suggested the United States government has a “moral and legal obligation” to pay up.

“America must provide reparations if we desire a prosperous future for all,” she demanded.

“The United States has a moral and legal obligation to provide reparations for the enslavement of Africans and its lasting harm on the lives of millions of black people,” Bush said.

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Slavery Isn’t A Thing

There is no more nakedly racist legislation currently put forth by Congress than a call for reparations based on skin color and a faux notion that anybody in America today has ever suffered from slavery.

It’s all predicated on a lie. Take this meta description from The Grio for example: “Representative Cori Bush is determined to get 14 trillion in reparations for all Black people that suffered from slavery.”

That money would not go to “black people that suffered from slavery” because there aren’t any. Slavery was abolished in America in 1865 – 158 years ago.

And if you think the $14 trillion tab is high, you best buckle up.

Bush described her reparations push as a “starting point” according to CBS News, as she cited scholars “who estimate the U.S. benefited from over 222 million hours of forced labor between 1619 and the end of slavery in 1865, a value of approximately $97 trillion today.”

The Political Insider, in describing Bush’s legislation back in May argued, “Why not just continue to make up numbers such as eleventy trillion?”

We’re pretty sure the $97 trillion mark is getting pretty close.

When asked to explain how to fund the massive proposal, Bush has suggested the United States slash spending abroad and on defense – the total of which would amount to some 1/14th of $14 trillion.

Such an idea puts her at odds with the current advocates of World War III in Congress who want to endlessly fund corrupt Ukraine and should, by extension, mean the media will immediately label her “Putin’s puppet.”

Bush has hinted this isn’t just a push coming from the extreme left wing of the Democrat party. She’s claimed the Biden administration is taking it seriously and “working with” them on her reparations proposal.

That’s your modern-day Democrat party – perpetually stuck in the 1800s. How progressive.

The concept of reparations remains incredibly unpopular in America.

Latest polling shows three-quarters or more of white adults oppose reparations, as do a majority of Latinos and Asian Americans.

Representative Burgess Owens (R-UT), who is black, suggested he’d like to see Democrats pay restitution to blacks “for all the misery brought to my race.”

Welcome to woke America, folks.

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