Rep. Matt Gaetz Says U.S. Should Secure Border Before Starting ‘Forever War’ with Iran

Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz on Sunday said America need to secure its border before even thinking about retaliating against Iran after that nation allegedly attacked foreign oil tankers in the Strait of Harmuz last week.

Since it was both a Japanese and Norwegian tanker supposedly attacked, Gaetz thinks that it could be best to follow those countries lead before starting World War 3 in the Middle East.

“Japanese and Norwegian vessels were attacked,” Gaetz tweeted. “If these nations aren’t calling for war, neither should the U.S. We can’t afford another #ForeverWar“”


Rep. Gaetz said that President Donald Trump’s “America First” foreign policy means looking out for the U.S. first, including border security, before starting another failed Iraq War-style conflict in Iran.

Gaetz tweeted, “‘America First’ means protecting our border from the ‘Gulf Cartel’ before avenging foreign vessels in the Gulf of Oman.”

“The blood of American troops is not for sale”

Gaetz has been outspoken in recent months about the U.S. avoiding rushing into war unnecessarily, which is also something President Trump campaigned on. Part of his “America First” platform was not putting our soldiers in harm’s way for questionable or mistaken reasons.

Trump even went to as to say President George W. Bush “lied” about Iraq to drag the nation into that war, and no doubt some Republicans are eager to repeat that mistake in Iran.

At a speech Gaetz described as an “America First” foreign policy address in May, the Florida Republican was forceful about the need to avoid the mistakes of the past.

“The examples of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya—just to name a few—teach us that it is an illusion to think that just beyond the life of every dictator lies a peaceful democracy, rather than generations of anarchy, violence, terrorism, and chaos,” Gaetz said.

“Real morality and real toughness is standing up to the pro-war special interests and globalist power brokers,” Gaetz continued. “Real morality is affirming forever that the blood of American troops is not for sale.”

Gaetz determined to hold Trump to his word

That’s some pretty tough language–and s world’s away from where the GOP was under the last Republican president.

Donald Trump promised to put “America First” in our foreign policy. Matt Gaetz seems to determined to make sure the president keeps that promise.

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