Rep. Byron Donalds Slams Democrats Who Say Focusing on Border Security is a ‘White Nationalist Conspiracy’

Rep. Byron Donalds has had it with Democrats attempting to continue painting Republican efforts to control and protect our southern border as being part of a “white nationalist conspiracy,” so much so that during a hearing this week, the black conservative told them that if they truly believed it that they could say it to his face.

The situation was sparked with a tweet from the official Twitter account for the Oversight Committee Democrats on Wednesday.

“Good morning and good luck to everyone except @GOPoversight members who are using today’s hearing to amplify white nationalist conspiracy theories instead of a comprehensive solution to protect our borders and strengthen our immigration system,” read the post.

Donalds wasn’t going to tolerate that, and made it abundantly clear during the hearing.

“I’m not doing that,” said Donalds regarding the accusation. “So if you feel that strongly, come walk over to this side of the room and let’s talk about it face to face. But leave that kind of silly stuff for somebody else. Don’t bring that here today. This stuff is serious.”

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Challenge Not Accepted

As of this writing, the tweet accusing Republicans of amplifying “white nationalist conspiracy theories” is still up and no one has accepted Rep. Donalds’ challenge to confront him publicly or privately.

However, this didn’t stop some Democrats from trying to bring it up during the hearing. Democrats called out Arizona Republican Representative Paul Gosar, who had said that President Biden’s plan to handle the wave of immigrants at the southern border was “more big brother, more control, even changing our culture.”

“I understand what he’s trying to say,” said Democrat Rep. Maxwell Frost. “But I believe that immigrants are American and thus part of American culture.”

While other Democrats attempted to downplay recent issues regarding drug and human trafficking at the southern border, Gosar remained firm in his opinion.

“Illegal immigration changes our culture of law and order,” said Gosar. “We have a lawful process for immigration. Millions of people have immigrated here lawfully. But in the last two years, six million illegal aliens have violated our laws, and are changing our culture based on the rule of law.”

He concluded by saying “My colleague on the committee spoke about legal immigration being part of our culture. And with that, I agree. But I part ways with them on illegal immigration.”

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The Border is Broken

Border officers during the hearing made it evident that the number of criminals crossing between the U.S. and Mexico has created a near catastrophic environment for border states, and now the results of that are impacting the nation as a whole.

Border Chief John Modlin emphasized his concerns over the number of single adult males entering into the country near Tucson, Arizona.

“The most notable factor that sets Tucson apart from the rest of the southwest border is the migrant demographic,” said Modlin.

“In Tucson the vast majority of encounters are single adult males attempting to avoid detection. The smuggling organizations to our south are very well organized and resourceful,” he said referring to the cartels. “Each and every person crossing through the Tucson Sector must pay these criminal organizations. These criminal organizations employ various tactics to move thousands of migrants illegally across the border.”

The ongoing fentanyl crisis is also spurred by the number of smugglers bringing these deadly drugs into our country. It makes matters more complicated since the overwhelming number of fentanyl found has been sourced to being made in China.

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