Sneaker Company Reebok Attacked Donald Trump Over Comments About French President’s Wife.

The sneaker company Reebok is attacking President Trump over his recent complimentary comments about the wife of French president Emmanuel Macron.

During his visit to France last week, Trump told Brigitte Macron “you’re in such good shape. Beautiful.”

In any other setting, that type of comment would be seen as admiration. But because Trump said it, it’s the most disgusting, sexist thing ever uttered by anybody ever, at least according to the fake news.

But, it’s not just the fake news jumping into the fray, sneaker company Reebok jumped all over the comment, and is put the president on blast for paying a compliment to a deserving lady. Check out the tweet below:

Excuse me, but why is a sneaker company commenting on what President Trump said to the wife of a foreign leader? What does it have to do with selling footwear?

The answer is: exactly nothing.

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Do you think Reebok is banking on its customer base not being supportive of President Trump? What do you think will happen to their sales following this attack? And will you continue buying Reebok products after this?

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