MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Invents Conspiracy Theory: Trump Will Be President For Life, Won’t ‘Allow Us To Have New Elections’

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow warned Trump would make himself "President for life" and might not "allow us to have new elections."
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It’s been a while since we’ve discussed Rachel Maddow on this platform because, well frankly, unintelligent people pretending to be intelligent can be such a bore.

And on a network with hosts such as Mehdi Hasan and Ari Melber – hosts that don’t bother to make the effort to mask their lack of intellect, but rather own it and flaunt it – the Chris Hayes and Maddow-types are truly snooze-worthy.

That said, Maddow gave us a rant for the ages on Monday night. In fact, we haven’t seen this much foaming at the mouth since she thought her show broke an absolute bombshell with President Donald Trump’s tax returns.

Anybody remember that one? When she thought she had exposed Trump as a tax cheat but accidentally proved he paid more in taxes than Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden?

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Maddow Frets That Trump Won’t Allow Any More Elections

Maddow, who recognizes that her audience is comprised of the simple-minded, offered a dire warning to viewers.

A warning that Trump would make himself “president for life” and might not “allow us to have new elections.”

She began the segment by referencing a New York Times report suggesting that Trump would seek to pardon himself if he wins the election, or simply get the cases against him dropped.

“That’s what he’s telling people he’s going to do. He will solve his jumble of legal problems by winning the election,” Maddow claimed.

And then the tirade began.

“The election means one of two things if this is the way he’s going to approach it – Either he loses the election and he goes to prison or he wins the election,” she said. “He doesn’t go to prison.”

“And is that for life that he gets to be president? Will we keep having more elections or no?” she continued, her head gyrating all the while in a manner that would make a bobblehead jealous.

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We’ll Never Have Elections Again!

So dire are the consequences in Rachel’s rainbow-colored world, that she believes any presidential election hereafter involving a Democrat candidate or even a moderate “Never Trumper” would have to be cancelled just to maintain his freedom.

“If every election is a new opportunity for him to go to prison, do you think he allows us to have new elections?” she said, her eyebrows soaring to heights that would make Nancy Pelosi’s envious.

We’re not aware of any presidential pardons being overturned either by the courts, Congress, or a successive president. But that isn’t going to stop Maddow from having a coronary on live television in an attempt to convince her viewers otherwise.

The reality is, should Trump win the 2024 election and he pardons himself, the game is over. As it should be.

There won’t be any elections cancelled.

Maddow isn’t the first left-wing lunatic to suggest Trump would install himself as “president for life.” And she won’t be the last.

But it is somewhat surprising to hear her carry on like a raving madwoman when, as mentioned before, she does at least try to pretend she’s intelligent.

Maddow recently accidentally gave the game away in her analysis of all the indictments against the former president.

In an interview with Lawrence O’Donnell, Maddow speculated that the Justice Department might consider a deal that would involve Trump leaving the 2024 race for President.

But that won’t allow him to be King forever, Rach.

While we understand that Maddow and her colleagues at MSNBC are paid to dip their little toes into the conspiracy theory waters, the idea that Trump would simply cancel elections is absurd.

He doesn’t have the power to do that and, if he did, wouldn’t he have cancelled 2020 when he noticed that the intel community, the Democrats, and the media were all trying to rig the election against him?

Come on, man.

But hey, Maddow was broken by Trump many, many years ago. Let’s all just sit back and enjoy this moment from after the 2016 presidential election, when she realized Trump was her President.

It doesn’t get much better than that, folks!

Editor’s note: This article’s headline has been updated.

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