Rachel Canning, Teen Who Sued Parents For Support, Files Restraining Order Against Boyfriend

Is there an official psychiatric diagnosis for people who keep filing frivolous lawsuits? Rachel Canning, who became the poster child for spoiled teens when she sued her parents for college tuition and support after moving out, has now filed a restraining order against her boyfriend.


By the way, this is the same boyfriend her parents tried to ban her from seeing before she moved out and filed suit.

Canning, who graduated from Morris Catholic High School this spring and is headed for Western New England University this fall on a $56,000 scholarship, accused Lucas Kitzmiller, 18, of choking her with his hands during a quarrel early this past Sunday morning, according to Canning’s father, Sean Canning.

The incident allegedly occurred after midnight Saturday into the early-morning hours Sunday.

The alleged assault of Canning, 18, by Kitzmiller occurred on the street. She says that she fled in her vehicle — and that Kitzmiller tried to stop her — then she drove to Denville Police headquarters.

Maybe her parents were on to something! If Canning was assaulted, that’s terrible – but she could have avoided it by listening to her parents.

Victim or not, Rachel Canning embodies everything that’s wrong with the younger generation. She’s a spoiled kid who doesn’t want to listen to Mom and Dad, but nonetheless expects them to foot the bill for her “liberated” lifestyle. Hopefully this was a wake-up call for her – and other entitled teens hoping to follow the same path.