Pro-McCarthy, America Last Rep. Dan Crenshaw Is Really Going to Be Angry With This Hilarious Meme

A meme is circulating online which makes fun of Dan Crenshaw's potential reaction to having his ability to spend money on endless wars stripped.
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If you weren’t quite up to speed, you may have missed the fact that Republican Representative Dan Crenshaw has had a complete meltdown over the fact that there are some conservative holdouts refusing to vote for Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House.

It culminated with him calling the opposition group “terrorists” and “clowns” and dropping the occasional f-bomb known in most faux-resistance circles as a means to amplify your street cred.

A verified Twitter account known as ‘Mostly Peaceful Memes’ (which is hilarious, you should check it out) decided to rub Crenshaw’s emotional reaction to the proceedings in a bit, producing an absolutely hilarious work of art.

It includes a man crying in a high-pitched tone along with the caption: “Dan Crenshaw when he hasn’t been able to spend my money for 2 days.”

Pouring a little more salt into the wounds, the individual behind ‘Mostly Peaceful Memes’ adds, “Please keep him in your prayers during this trying time.”

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Hilarious Meme Calls Out Dan Crenshaw

The video clip is actually from a sobering reality TV show known as Intervention, in which the late boxing champion Rocky Lockridge has an emotional breakdown as his son professes his love for him.

Lockridge had a drug addiction which caused him great financial stress and eventually left him homeless.

Unfortunately, as is often the case with social media, an out-of-context clip became a viral meme for years known as the “best cry ever.”

And ‘Mostly Peaceful Memes’ put it to grand use here. The caption is a reference to the fact that the work of the House has been stalled as they continue to hold thus far fruitless votes on who should be the next Speaker.

And in the mind of critics, it’s a few days (at least) of them not spending additional taxpayer money on “infrastructure” or laundering it to Ukraine.

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Crenshaw Calls McCarthy Critics ‘Terrorists’

The hilarious clip mocking Dan Crenshaw was in response to the Texas Republican talking about the Speaker votes to Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto.

“If you always set this precedent where a mere 20 people can just destroy the Conference of over 200, then you’re setting a terrible precedent,” he said.

Which is, at least, a far more measured tone than he took in previous commentary on the matter.

“We cannot let the terrorists win. That’s basically what’s happening,” he said during a radio broadcast.

He’d later double down, angrily denouncing the 20 or so dissenting McCarthy votes as “these fucking people” and declaring “they’re just being clowns.”

As The Political Insider has documented, Dan Crenshaw has a little bit of an anger management issue when it comes to comedians, random people on Twitter, and perhaps next, meme makers.

In reality, Republicans already helped pass a $1.7 trillion spending bill in December that takes away the power of the purse for the new GOP-controlled House until September of 2023.

So, our money is still going to be spent regardless.

Nine Republicans in the House voted for the omnibus bill, though Crenshaw was not one of them.

The Texas lawmaker, however, has repeatedly voiced support for unceasing spending in Ukraine.

The “best cry ever” meme might more accurately be applied to taxpayers watching their money running out of a wide-open spigot into Ukraine, while they suffer from inflation and less valuable paychecks under the current administration.

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