Prince Harry Slammed By Judge After He Doesn’t Show Up For His Own Trial

Prince Harry
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Prince Harry was chastised by a judge on Monday after he failed to show up for his own trial as he attempts to take on the British media publication The Mirror.

Judge Slams Harry

Yahoo News reported that at the start of the legal proceedings at London’s High Court on Monday, Harry’s attorney David Sherborne revealed that the royal would not be available, much to the dismay of the judge.

“The Duke of Sussex is attending tomorrow to give evidence. He flew yesterday evening from Los Angeles. He was attending his daughter’s birthday yesterday and he arrives…” Sherborne said, at which time Judge Timothy Fancourt interrupted him to say, “I’m a little surprised that the first witness is not going to be available today?”

Sherborne replied by arguing that Harry is in a “different category” from his co-defendants because of his travel and security needs. Harry and the co-defendants are alleging that their phones were hacked to get stories for various newspapers, including The Mirror.

“It was never anticipated that the openings would not take the whole day,” Sherborne continued.

The judge, however, was not having any of it.

“It was anticipated that they might—which is why I directed that the first witness [Harry] should be available,” the judge told Sherborne.

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Harry Is Accused Of ‘Wasting Time’

Andrew Green, a lawyer representing Mirror Group Newspapers, argued that Harry’s side was “wasting time” by not having him appear in court, adding that it was “absolutely extraordinary… that he is not available for day one of his own trial.”

“I have to cross-examine [Prince Harry] on 33 articles and that cannot be done in one day… I need one and a half days,” Green lamented. “That is not unreasonable.”

The judge agreed with Green, saying, “I am not going to restrict you to a day,” indicating that the court hours could be extended to other days.

As the legal proceedings continued, Sherborne argued that it was “obvious” that stories about Harry’s personal life were used to increase newspaper sales. He also claimed that Harry was “one of the most written about individuals in this period,” and that his phone was hacked on “multiple occasions” over the years.

“These methods acted like a web around the prince in the hope it would catch the valuable information that they sought through these unlawful means, some of which made it in stories,” Sherborne argued, according to The BBC. He went on to claim that while Harry did not have a “vendetta against the press,” he wanted the media to be held accountable.

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The Mirror Denies Hacking Harry’s Phone

The Mirror has denied ever hacking Harry’s phone.

“There’s no evidence to support a finding that any mobile phone owned or used by the Duke of Sussex was hacked. Zilch, Zero, Nil, De Nada, Niente, Nothing,” Green argued.

Harry and his wife Meghan Markle stepped down as senior royals back in 2020, and they proceeded to leave the U.K. to move across the world to California. In the years since then, they have bashed both the royal family and the British media seemingly every chance they’ve gotten while simultaneously claiming that all they want is privacy.

It seems clear that Judge Fancourt has no intention of allowing Harry to get away with any kind of nonsense in his courtroom. As this case continues, here’s hoping the judge throws the book at this pathetically whiny prince!

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