Prince Andrew’s Alleged Puppet Fetish Exposed In Disturbing Epstein Documents

Prince Andrew
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Prince Andrew was publicly humiliated this week as his alleged puppet fetish has been revealed to the world in unsealed documents relating to the late billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Andrew’s Alleged Puppet Fetish

Andrew’s name came up repeatedly in unsealed documents that listed over 150 names of Epstein associates. In one of the documents, Epstein accuser Johanna Sjoberg talked about allegedly meeting Epstein years ago with her fellow “victim” Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

“At one point, Ghislaine told me to come upstairs, and we went into a closet and pulled out the puppet, the caricature of Prince Andrew, and brought it down,” she claimed, according to The Messenger. “And there was a little tag on the puppet that said ‘Prince Andrew’ on it, and that’s when I knew who he was.”

“It looked like him,” Sjoberg continued. “And she brought it down and presented it to him; and that was a great joke, because apparently it was a production from a show on BBC. And they decided to take a picture with it, in which Virginia and Andrew sat on a couch. They put the puppet on Virginia’s lap, and I sat on Andrew’s lap, and they put the puppet’s hand on Virginia’s breast, and Andrew put his hand on my breast, and they took a photo.”

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Sjoberg’s History With Epstein

Daily Mail reported that Sjoberg previously testified that she was a 20 year-old student at Palm Beach Atlantic University when Maxwell recruited her and hired her to be Epstein’s personal assistant in 2001. Sjoberg claimed that she was immediately forced to perform sex acts, and that she knew Giuffre was underage from the time that she met her.

In other unsealed documents, Giuffre’s legal team said, “Johanna confirms that she knew Virginia was underage when she met her on the trip to NY with Jeffrey in 2001 because Virginia couldn’t get into the casino and then later Johanna asked her and Virginia said she was 17.”

“Johanna testified that Virginia looked young,” they continued. “Johanna added: ‘At the time I had the impression that she did not have a family or she had walked away from her family. And it seemed to me, you know, they had just sort of adopted her, not as a child, but they would take care of her.'”

“Johanna confirmed that she witnessed Virginia when she was seventeen in Jeffrey Epstein’s New York mansion with Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell,” the documents stated. “Johanna also testified that Prince Andrew sat with Virginia and Johanna and took a picture with a puppet in his image that had its hand and Prince Andrew’s hand on their respective breasts.”

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Andrew Has Yet To Be Charged

At the time of this writing, Andrew has never been charged in connection with Epstein’s crimes, though he did resign from his public roles in May of 2020. Epstein allegedly committed suicide in 2019 while awaiting trial for various sex crime charges, and Maxwell is currently serving a 20 year prison sentence for her role in his crimes.

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